Wedding Stuff: My Bridesmaids Are Magical!

Last night, I had a little get together so I could ask all of the girls I’m closest with to be my bridesmaids! I have 12 girls in all which is actually a pretty big number but I can’t help how many wonderful people are in my life!  I decided I wanted to continue along with the Harry Potter theme of our engagement and luckily, Andrew is an amazing artist who helped make it happen! He created the design below for me to use as mini art prints to give to each of the girls when I asked them.  He also customized each one depending on the girls hair color and Hogwarts house!  I cannot stop looking at them and I’m so glad he printed a few extra so I could keep some as a remembrance for myself<3

RachelGault_web-01CassieRose_web-01 LaurenSchlendorf_web-01 MolyGallagher_web-01

Luckily everyone I asked said yes!  Here are a few photos from last night (before they’ve been properly edited because I’m too excited to wait to post them)!  I’m having two Maid of Honors (although one is a Matron of Honor).  Two of the girls live in Florida so they’re not in the bridesmaid photo but I’m thinking of photoshopping them in<3  Some of the girl you may recognize from the blogging world are Melissa, Cassie and not pictured because Florida, Kristin and Rachel!  There’s also a photo of me with my wonderful parents!  Yesterday was their 38 year wedding anniversary and they’re still the happiest couple I know.  Seeing their relationship over the years has set the bar high and helped me determine how wonderful love can truly be (so cheesy but true!) which is why I know that marrying Andrew is the best decision ever<3

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My Shocking Harry Potter Based Jung Typology Test Results & Why I’m Totally Okay With Them

So, just to give you a little bit of background information, I’m a long time Harry Potter fan.  And I mean so long term that on June 30, 1997 when the Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone was released, I spent the day sitting on my favorite chair in my childhood room reading my hardcover copy and hoping that on my 11th birthday (which was less than a month away at the time), I’d be finding out that I was actually a wizard too and unlike the Dursley’s, my loving parents would be gladly escorting me to Platform 9 3/4 that fall for my first year at Hogwarts.  I vividly remember preordering a copy of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, from a Book of the Month Club catalog ( ! ) (way before I knew what an impact it would have on my life), because my ten year old self had thought that a book about wizards sounded incredibly awesome.  Spoiler alert, I was right.  But anyway, I also remember JK Rowling first introducing us to Luna Lovegood.  A character who is arguably one of my favorites in any storytelling medium.  Luna is so cool.  She’s blond with green eyes, just like me, and I totally admire her ability to believe the unbelievable, as well as her complete disregard for other people’s opinions of herself.  I think Luna is the reason that I too, don’t give a darn what anyone thinks of me.  She always served as a kind of role model to me, but not in the way that adults are role models.  Luna is a character that grew up along with me (until book 5, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, when JK Rowling took a two year period to release the next book and I surpassed her in age).  But nonetheless, I looked up to Luna as much as any kid could look up to one of their peers.  (Side note: I still consider her a peer because I’m not entirely convinced that I could possibly be a Muggle).


So here’s the thing.  I’ve spent my entire life identifying with Luna.  Then, this Harry Potter based Jung Typology Test showed up.  Did I *need* to take it?  Probably not.  Anyone who meets me agrees within minutes that I’m a Ravenclaw.  I don’t need a test to confirm it for me.  But out of sheer boredom and curiosity, I decided to indulge myself in the affirmation this test would surely provide.  So there I went, answering question after question, critiquing my personality traits until hitting submit and awaiting my result.  And there it came INTJ (Introvert Intuitive Thinking Judging).  I flipped back to the Harry Potter infographic, and my eyes beelined to Luna I (yupp), N (mmhmm), F (wait, what?), P (?!). NO. No, no, no, no, no.  This can’t be correct.  Who’s lettering do I match?  And that’s when I saw it.  Draco Malfoy. Shock. Awe. Surprise. Confusion. Speechlessness.  These are all things that I experienced.

Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 8.53.08 PM

Fortunately, Draco’s Jung character description is not nearly as awful as  the way his character behaves in the books, so I suppose that just goes to show you that it’s all about how you choose to apply your traits to your everyday life.  Here’s mine & Malfoy’s description: Natural leaders that strive for perfection.  Objective, independent, conceptual, and adaptable.  Quickly see patterns in external events and develop long range explanatory perspectives.  Skeptical and independent.  Tend to have an aura of definite self confidence.


I spent a bit of time reflecting upon my life and wondering how this could’ve happened, and how I could possibly be like Draco Malfoy in any way, shape or form, but while barely any direct comparisons come to mind, I did find the description very accurate and applicable to my own self.  Then I thought back to good ole book number one when dear Harry begged the Sorting Hat to place him anywhere except Slytherin.  “Not Slytherin. Not Slytherin.”  And do you know what the Sorting Hat said? “Are you sure?  You could be great, you know, it’s all here in your head, and Slytherin will help you on the way to greatness, no doubt about that – no? Well, if you’re sure – better be GRYFFINDOR!”  Which is why I’m choosing to believe that I am in exactly the same situation.  This Jung test is like my Sorting Hat and I’m begging for it to comply and allow me to continue living my childhood fantasy of becoming Luna Lovegood.  If I’ve learned anything from Harry Potter, it’s that the conscious choices we make are the ones that define us.  So while I’m quite happy with my outcome’s description, I suppose I shall attempt to be more empathetic from here on out.  In fact, the results have made me more empathetic towards Malfoy, which is probably a step in the right direction.  He made some poor choices along the way, but he proved himself in the end.  I may share traits with Malfoy, but Harry shared traits with Voldemort, and really, it’s all about the application of those traits to your own actions.  So, Luna Lovegood, I will not disappoint you!


You can take the test here, and then compare your score to the chart above (click to enlarge!) to find out exactly which Harry Potter character you’re most like!  I’d love to know your results as well, so feel free to leave a comment!

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A Weekend Full of Zombies & Doctor Who

Q: What do a Doctor Who bar, Looper, a Zombie Walk, Mean Girls, and Left 4 Dead all have in common? A: They were all contributing elements to my fabulous weekend!  And what’s even better is that 1) it’s not yet over, and 2) NEW YORK COMIC CON STARTS THIS WEEK!  After a stressful day at work on Friday, I was forced to employ my Speed Racette driving techniques to ensure I made my train into Manhattan.  Seriously, I need to move there ASAP so I can avoid these types of close calls!  First on the agenda was to see the movie Looper, staring Joseph Gordon Levitt and Bruce Willis.    I had been wanting to see it since the movie trailer was released because besides the obvious reason (JGL), time travel is my absolute favorite sci-fi subject to explore in movies, novels, television, and *crosses fingers* hopefully IRL one day.  After a brief mishap with the ticket machine (aka Melissa & I’s first blonde moment of the weekend), we purchased our movie snacks and headed into the theater.  It’s no secret that I have a sweet tooth and thankfully the concession stand at the theater was able to satisfy my major Sour Patch Kids craving.  Overall I really enjoyed Looper.  I’m thinking about writing a full review of it for On Wednesdays We Wear Pink sometime this week if I can find the time between all of my NYCC planning. I was excited to see that Paul Dano had a small part in the film.  I’ve loved him since I saw him in Little Miss Sunshine, and I’ve been following his film career ever since.  Immediately following the movie, we were planning on going to the Bottleneck Gallery for their Zombie Art Gallery opening, but since we have all month to view it, we opted instead to head over to The Way Station.
It was my first time going to the famed Brooklyn Doctor Who bar and I had a blast! I will definitely be going back there the first chance I get.  Melissa and I decided to do a quick photo shoot in the bathroom with all of the fun paintings on walls.  Tom Baker’s scarf lines the wall, Matt Smith’s signature is framed above the toilet, there are Daleks, Cybermen, Weeping Angels, K9, and more, all are enclosed in a TARDIS which is definitely bigger on the inside.  The bar even has Doctor Who themed drinks (we stuck to River’s Red Setting which is a mix of Absolut Citron, Orange Juice and Grenadine), and they also have a supply of Sonic Screwdrivers.  At the bar we met a nice group of guys, one of which was body painted silver (the photo below is super blurry, but you get the idea!), and another that appeared to be cosplaying as David Tenant, although when Melissa inquired, he informed us that those were his normal clothes.  But the fun did not stop there! After The Way Station, we headed back to Melissa’s lovely apartment and then proceeded to play Left 4 Dead until 3:35 AM.  It was my first time playing Xbox, so Melissa was giving me tutorials and tips on shooter games.  We spent hours taking out zombies and I can definitely say that Xbox is at the very top of my wish list.  (The limited Star Wars edition Xbox that I mentioned in my last post =^.^=).  After we successfully slayed said virtual zombies, we knew we had a long day ahead of us on Saturday but we opted to watch Mean Girls anyway.  It was so much fun to watch it with some else who also knows all of the words!
After a night of 2 hours of sleep, I woke up Saturday morning, took a train home, and had just enough time to shower before driving back to the train station.  Normally it’s my train rides home from NYC where my comic reading is interrupted by drunken club goers, but as soon as I boarded my 11:54 AM train it was evident that Irish Day was being celebrated by the rest of the Long Islanders.  Leave it to me to be the outcast in the Imperial logo tank while everyone else was sporting kelly green and Irish accents.  Luckily I survived my commute and was going to have to re-read everything I began anyway due my lack of sleep.  So as everyone knows, my first stop in Penn Station was to acquire my obligatory Treinta Unsweetened Green Iced Tea from Starbucks, and some pumpkin bread for good measure.  The walk was in Asbury Park in NJ, so I met up with Mel and we hopped our next train to New Brunswick where we were greeted by Cassie.  Our next stop was the Halloween store where we tried on numerous costumes before finally settling on our final choices.  I ended up choosing to go as a Zombie version of Jem, the infamous animated front woman of Jem and the Holograms, while Cassie dressed as a Zombie Slytherin, and Melissa as a Zombie Chucky doll.  We headed back to Cassie’s where we bloodied ourselves up and then drove down to Asbury to join the herd of walkers and our friend Kim her fiancé Xander, and their friend Eric.
We roamed around town a bit, did some quick shopping at the booths set up by the boardwalk, and ran down the beach for a bit!  We missed the Zombie Thriller dance due to our tardiness, but hey, transforming into a zombie is no easy task.  We saw some very clever costumes while we were walking around, but my favorite was a group of people who were LARPing in the food court as the characters from the video game (Left 4 Dead) I had just played on Friday night!  We basically froze the entire time we were there which reminded me to start perusing ModCloth for new winter coats!  I was so cold the entire time we were waiting for our train back to NY that I couldn’t even tweet or text correctly.  Which made me even happier to think that in a few short weeks I’ll be in a much warmer climate when I visit Kristin in Florida.  Yesterday I spent the majority of my day curled up in my bed watching The Vampire Diaries, which is one of my new television obsessions.  I had never caught any of the episodes before but I took a twitter poll a few weeks ago and I received overwhelmingly positive responses from all who replied.  My verdict has been the same as what everyone forewarned.  The first few episodes are kind of silly and Twilight-esque, but by episode 5 they find a great action packed stride.  I’m going to start DVR’ing the current season in the hopes that I’ll catch up soon, although that may just be wishful thinking with all of the events I have lined up in October.

I’m planning on trying to start writing some more blog posts throughout the week which won’t only recap the events I’ve been attending, but will also give an inside look into what I’m currently reading, watching, listening to, and just loving in general.  I may also put together some fun cosplays to blog about, and some fun personal top 10 lists of my own.  Is there anything specific that you guys want to see?  Let me know in the comments section, on twitter, or send me a message on my tumblr!  But anyway, I must go get ready for the New York BlackMilk meet up!  First we’ll be doing a photo shoot in Central Park and then eating dinner with JL & Handsome Cam at a swanky Italian restaurant.  I can’t wait to meet the rest of the East Coast sharkies!

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