Wish List Worthy: Sailor Moon Luggage

I came across the cutest Sailor Moon luggage, carry ons and passport covers ever and I’ve been swooning over them ever since.  The accessories incorporate everything I love about fashion.  They’re pastel colored, they’re detailed with bows, and even the inside lining is covered in moonsticks.  My favorite of the sets are the bags styled after Sailor Jupiter because mint green and pastel pink are my aesthetic.  I’m really hoping I’ll be able to buy these online without spending hundreds of dollars for it on eBay! Japan always gets the best merchandise.  For even more photos you can see everything on the Sailor Moon Collectibles website.

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Wish List Worthy: Sailor Moon Petit Chara Christmas Figures

There’s nothing I love more than Christmas and now that the season has officially begun with it being Fall and all I’ve started looking at decorations and listening to Christmas music and all that fun traditional stuff that everyone gives me a hard time for starting early each year.  During my browsing, I came across these amazing Sailor Moon petit chara Christmas figures by Megahouse.  Each Sailor Scout has a santa hat that matches her outfit but best of all, Sailor Venus comes with a snowman version of Artemis! I mean, it doesn’t get any cuter than that.  I also love that they’re sold as a set and it’s not any of this blind box business.  Sadly it seems that the preorders have already sold out on every single website (they’re scheduled to be released in November) but I’m still hoping to find them on eBay at some point.  They’re just so adorable and festive and I want them so much!




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Life Lately: NYC Adventures with Sincerely Sara

Last weekend Sara of Sincerely Sara and I met up for a full day of fun on the first day of the season that was actually worthy of spring.  We grabbed crepes from Viva La Crepe (both of us opted for nutella & strawberry) and then walked over to The Strand where I put a slight lift on my No Spend April but I limited myself to just 3 books (which was especially difficult since we kept trading recommendations).  Then we met up with Andrew who took this lovely photo of us in front of a cherry blossom tree<3  We also got to see the newly unveiled street art of the giant baby Hulk in front of an American flag made up of distorted logos and ads which hit the corner of Bowery and Houston just one day prior.

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We walked to Morgenstern’s for ice cream cones (I had pistachio green tea, Andrew had salted caramel pretzel and Sara had mango), and then backtracked down 2nd Avenue where we made a quick stop at Toy Tokyo.  Sara picked up so Funko Pop figures for her brothers and herself, and I grabbed some Sailor Moon charms and a Funko vinyl of Trixie Lulamoon (the wizard pony on MLP).  We ended our day at Phyiscal Graffitea where Andrew and I had the most refreshing iced Moroccan Mint tea, and Sara had chocolate iced tea which we sipped while chatting about photography and past art exhibits in the New York area.  We also saw this beautiful Converse sneaker along our travels.  Overall, we had such a wonderful time and I can’t wait to plan another trip together!  Sara is absolutely lovely in person and if you haven’t read her blog you can check it out here.  I personally love her outfits inspired by Once Upon a Time and classic literature, as well as her own outfit of the day posts and book reviews!

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NYCC 2014: Art I Purchased Spotlight On Babs Tarr

Since the day my press pass for NYCC arrived, I began scouring the official website to see which artists and exhibitors I couldn’t leave the convention without seeing.  To say that my enthusiasm level was anything less than the max when I came across Babs Tarr’s name, would be a gross understatement.  I’ve been following Babs art for ages before she was announced as the new artist on Batgirl but we have never been at the same convention and her Etsy shop is (sadly) forever closed.  I knew Babs’ table would be the one where I spent the majority of my convention budget and I couldn’t wait to hand over my credit card.

As soon as we got to NYCC on Thursday, Andrew and I went to straight to Artist Alley and I basically beelined for Babs’ table.  Unfortunately she was busy speaking on a panel so I decided to wait until she was there to take the plunge.  After visiting other artist friends and hanging at their tables which just so happened to be in close proximity to Babs’, she returned.  I may have even gotten a text message from Jen simply stating “the eagle has landed.”

I rushed back and excitedly pointed at all of the things I needed!  Babs was SO nice and I told her about how I had wanted her Harley and Ivy heart print forever but since her Etsy is always closed I’ve yet to acquire it which is when she explained that she hates shipping things.  Totally understandable!  Anyway, I ended up with 5 pieces in total and I’m so happy I picked them up when I did.  As the con went on her selection dwindled because obviously.  I just love the way Babs draws female heroes and villains and my favorite print I picked up from her was a Spider-Gwen.

I think part of the reason I’m so attracted to Babs Tarr’s art is because she pays such close attention to fashion.  I would wear the majority of the clothing the women she illustrates are depicted in.  I’m really really hoping that Babs will design a poster for The Mary Janes since she already took the time to draw Spider-Gwen.  Anyway, the below prints were a portion of my NYCC art haul:

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In case you also really love Babs’ work, here are the links to her Etsy store and her deviantart page:

DeviantArt – http://babsdraws.deviantart.com/

Etsy – https://www.etsy.com/shop/babsdraws

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Etsy Shop I’m Obsessed With This Week: Word To Your Unicorn

My fellow geek girl blogger and good friend Leslie Stewart, also happens to operate one of my all time favorite Etsy shops, Word to Your Unicorn.  Leslie sells post cards, greeting cards, and stickers which were inspired by her geeky and kawaii interests.  She keeps adding more and more to her shop and I always find myself favoriting every new item.  I’m especially obsessed with her recent Studio Ghibli and Sailor Moon designs.  I’m also loving the minimalist Avengers postcards which resemble Pantone color cards, and I dare you to look at the Dalek’s Need Love Too postcards without immediately wishing you could hug one of Doctor Who’s adversaries.  It’s fitting that Leslie would be impressing us with her designs in the form of postcards and greeting cards, because she’s also one of the co-creators of the International Geek Girls Pen Pal Club.  If you haven’t already joined, I highly suggest you do!  It’s a great way to make a new geeky friend, preserve the lost art of letter writing, and of course, get excited for geeky surprised in your daily snail mail delivery!  Leslie is uber talented and when she’s not busy designing new stationary, she’s blogging all of her clever thoughts on her new site Leslie IRL.  I have a bunch of Leslie’s stationary but I love it too much to send to anyone =^.^=

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Sailor Moon & Sailor Jupiter

Sometimes it’s fun to just impulsively cosplay on an afternoon for absolutely no reason.  In between SDCC cosplay prep, Melissa and I decided to dress up in these Sailor Scout outfits because we had to wait about 30 minutes for our first coat of modpodge to dry.  Here are the resulting photos. Moon Prism Power Make Up!

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(Photos by Robert Hackett)