Baltimore Comic Con: The Cosplay

Baltimore Comic Con was a blast (as always!).  If you haven’t already, you can watch my vlog of the con as well as my haul which I posted on my YouTube channel earlier in the week.  One of my favorite parts of the convention is admiring all of the wonderful cosplay that you see while walking around the exhibit hall, so today I’m sharing some of my favorites from this year’s show.  Saturday was the costume contest so I definitely saw the best cosplay that day and I was pleasantly surprised and impressed with how many adorable kids I saw in cosplay this con!  I think my favorites of the bunch are the Saga cosplayers, Cecil from Welcome to Night Vale, Hawkgirl and the Spider-Men cosplay group!  Which are your favorites?























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The Collectible Corner: Recent Wish List

In the past couple of weeks while I was away for my honeymoon, I came across so many new collectibles and toys that I immediately added to my wish list! Some of them are SDCC exclusives (Katana, Vanellope & Green Goblin), another is going to be super hard to acquire because it’s only being released in Japan (Kiki) and others have a long wait until their release (Wonder Girl & Catwoman) but nevertheless, I will continue swooning over photos of them until I can make them mine! You can view the full set on Polyvore and find out where everything below is from.  What’s on your current wish list?

Screen Shot 2016-06-18 at 11.57.47 AM

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Fashion Find: Wonder Woman Cosmetic Cases

I was so thrilled when London Soho New York reached out to me to see if I wanted to review their new line of Wonder Woman cosmetic bags and I’m pleased to say that upon opening the parcel they sent me, I fell completely in love with each of the products they sent me.  This limited edition line is exclusive to Walgreens and they’ll be available starting in May of 2016.  While the overall outside aesthetic of the bags are really appealing, it’s the details that really won me over.  My favorite piece in the line is the clear case with the Wonder Woman logo on the front because I love the little cape! The blue star background isn’t part of the case but I’ll be keeping that insert in because I like the way it looks there.  Each case has beautiful gold mirror star zippers and gold trim which matches the accessories Diana wears with her costume.  I also love the blue star lining in the other two cases (each of these are a satin material and they’re part of the case).  The biggest case is perfect for storing lesser used eye shadows, while the other two are perfect to throw in your purse when you’re on the go.  I’m even planning on using the adorable tags (seen in the first photo) as bookmarks! Each case will retail for $7.99 – $11.99 so they’re really affordable and it’s easy to justify picking each of them up.





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Outfit of the Day: Smallville Attacks

Lately I’ve been in the mood to re-read all of my favorite comics.  I’m not sure what it was that drove my desire but the force is strong with this feeling.  It could be that I’ll be moving soon so I’ve been packing and rediscovering some of my favorite trades that I haven’t had the ability to display while I temporarily lived at my parents.  All I know is that I want to start with Geoff John’s Teen Titans run and continue reading about those characters.  One of my favorite trades revolving around a Titans alum is Superboy: Smallville Attacks by Jeff Lemire.  Lemire has always been one of my favorite comic book writers and I really love his take on Connor Kent.  I totally ship him with Wonder Girl<3  My fiance Andrew and I even dressed up as Connor and Cassie two NYCC’s ago!









Jacket: ModCloth (N/A) | Shoes: Sam Edelman | Tank: Target
Superboy: Funko  | Skirt: Forever 21 (N/A)
Graphic Novel: Superboy Vol. 1: Smallville Attacks
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Wish List Worthy: Funko Announces Rock Candy Line

Yet another Funko announcement at Toy Fair that had me jumping up and down is their new line of vinyl collectibles named Rock Candy.  My favorite thing about the Rock Candy line is that it spotlights female superheroes.  Right now the collection only includes the women of DC Comic but depending on the success of the line, I’m sure they would try to extend their license to Marvel too.  The figures are already up for preorder on Entertainment Earth and at $10.99 per figure, buying the whole line is completely affordable!  The two that I’m definitely preordering are Modern Batgirl and Classic Supergirl.  Which are your favorites?

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Comics With Kristin: Reading – Superboy: Smallville Attacks by Jeff Lemire, Pier Gallo & Marco Rudy

Comics with Kristin is a post series dedicated to rediscovering my love of comics.  I’ve felt rather disconnected from the industry for the past couple of years for a plethora of reasons, namely, being unable to separate some creators from their work after personal experiences and the way they’ve treated my friends.  I’ve always loved and felt a deep connection to comics so my distance from them has been a struggle but I feel far enough removed now that I’ll be able to start enjoying the medium I love so much once again.  In an effort to reconnect, I’ve decided to re-read my old favorite trades (and some new favorites!) and highlight them here on my blog.  There will be 1-3 posts per week all dedicated to the same trade- one will always be a reading post and one will always be an outfit of the day post.  I hope you enjoy this new feature!

I wanted to start my Comics With Kristin series by reading something by one of my favorite comics authors so I landed on Superboy: Smallville Attacks by Jeff Lemire with artwork by Pier Gallo and Marco Rudy.  It was so easy for me to fall back into the world and my experience this time around was even better than the first.  It’s been long enough that I had a general idea of what happens but I forgot most of the major plot points so it was almost as if I were reading a new story.  While I was reading I realized that Karl Kerschl did variant covers for Lemire’s Superboy which I found really exciting since I love Gotham Academy and I had really only known him for his work on Harley Quinn the first time I read this trade (GA hadn’t existed yet).  I have always loved Jeff Lemire’s writing style and I admire the way he was able to bring such beauty into panels with very few words.  A few of my favorite captions are seen below.  I also loved the Back to the Future and Harry Potter references but my favorite element of the book is all of the cameos throughout issues #1-#11.

My favorite issue is the one where Superboy and Kid Flash throw a race for charity to help the farmers of Smallville since their crops have been destroyed.  The race is televised and they map out a route that takes them around the entire globe.  My favorite panels in this issue are when they take a break near the pyramids in Egypt and Kid Flash tries to make Connor feel better about Wonder Girl since they’ve recently broken up and he seems distracted.  The end of the race made me laugh out loud and you’ll see why if you chose to read it!  The Teen Titans also show up in this issue to support their alum during the race.  Other cameos throughout the trade include Poison Ivy, Phantom Stranger and The Atom.

Superboy: Smallville Attacks is the perfect trade to have started getting back to my roots with because the story is heavily focused on the history within Smallville.  Strange things are afoot and as Mr. Lynch says, “history can hold many valuable secrets.”  Connor really makes Smallville his home and I love his relationship with Ma Kent and that Krypto is present for all of his adventures. I definitely recommend picking this story up if you’re into the teens in comics (full rating after my photos – also note the hilarious pose in the last photo) ^.^

Superboy 1

Superboy 2

Superboy 3

Superboy 4

Superboy 5

Superboy 6

Superboy 7

Superboy 8

Superboy 9

Superboy 10

Superboy 11

Superboy 12

Superboy 13

Superboy 14

Superboy 15

Superboy 18

Superboy 19

Superboy 20

Superboy 21

Superboy 22

Superboy 23

Superboy 24

Rating 5

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DC Collectibles Reveals Raven & Bumblebee Bombshells

Another big reveal that occurred this past weekend at Toy Fair involved two additional DC Collectibles statues to be added to the Bombshells line.  I’ve been collecting these since the beginning and since then I’ve been hoping the Teen Titans ladies would be added to the lineup.  Now that a prototype for Raven has been revealed, there’s also hope that a Starfire Bombshell may grace comic book store shelves in the near future.  *fingers crossed*  Raven is a sultry pinup style who looks like she’ll tell you your fortune.  I love the blue fire detail and the way her signature cape has been reimagined.  The other statue announced is Bumblebee! I love her cheerleading uniform and I think it’s a really cute direction for her statue to go in.  She’s mid-jump and he skirt drapes really nicely.  I also love her pom-poms and pigtails.  Every time I write about Bombshells I seem to mention the next ones I’d like to see and so far they’ve come true so this time I’m going to wish for Huntress (her concept art is to die for!) and Katana!

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Screen Shot 2013-04-21 at 3.03.26 PM

Arrow Vs. The Flash

I’ll never forget how excited I was to learn that Green Arrow would be the main character on a prime time television show.  The times have seriously changed in regard to the wide acceptance of comic book characters and since then, The Flash, Gotham, Agent Carter and Daredevil (I’m not counting Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. because it’s boring and I just cannot get into no matter how many times I try) have also been picked up (and most recently SUPERGIRL *dances*) There’s almost nothing I love more than seeing these characters explored in the format of a television series.  I really love that we get to spend more time in their worlds than we would if they had been made into a film (not to mention the first films would ALL be origin stories… again, boring) and see them develop even further.


I had been convinced that Arrow would be my new favorite show, but once The Flash premiered I knew I was sorely mistaken.  It pains me to say this but because I LOVE Felicity Smoak and Ray Palmer, but lately Arrow hasn’t been holding my interest or living up to my expectations.  If there’s one thing Arrow should do right, it’s Black Canary, and it just hasn’t happened.  Sarah was pretty okay (by no means was she impressive enough to live up to the Black Canary in our comics) but Laurel is probably the worst character ever.  Every time she comes onscreen I feel annoyed.  I’m angry with DC for ruining such an amazing character.  It actually blows my mind to even be writing this article because John Barrowman is a reoccurring character on Arrow.  How could I not love a show with John Barrowman?!  Also, has anyone else gotten slightly irritated with how emo Oliver is?  I am one of those people that does NOT ship Felicity with Oliver because she deserves SO MUCH BETTER.  I’m also not super into Thea’s storyline but as long as Felicity and Ray have a home in Starling City, I’ll continue to watch it weekly.  TBH it wasn’t until The Flash started airing that I actually put a ton of thought into analyzing my Arrow feelings.  In retrospect, I think I was so excited that Arrow was actually on TV that I wasn’t worried about whether it was actually good.

On the other hand, The Flash, is just about everything I was looking for in a TV show.  I’m not saying that it’s perfect, there are some definite issues with the series (particularly with Iris and several plot holes), but since episode one premiered I feel like I’ve been having all-caps FUN.  Barry is awkward and sweet and so genuine in all of his relationships.  I love that while he is aware that his identity could put others in danger, he doesn’t shut out the entire world.  He still relies heavily on Joe for life advice and he tries to be the best friend he can be to Iris.  I also really love Caitlin, Cisco and Wells as Barry’s scientific team.  Most of all, season one of The Flash has not yet concluded but SO MUCH has happened.  The story is very quick paced and it’s hard to wrap my mind around the fact that it only starting airing last October.  There is nothing that I love more than when Felicity Smoak visits Central City because her interactions with Barry are just my absolute favorite thing to watch.

Overall, I have to say that The FlashArrow.  While darker shows can be executed wonderfully (ie. Daredevil), there’s no need for as much angst as Oliver Queen loves to bring us every week.  Barry and his merry band of science folk have won this girl’s heart and I can’t wait to see how the season is going to end.  In the meantime, I am SO EXCITED about seeing Supergirl in the fall, I’m crossing all of my fingers that ABC will renew Agent Carter, I’m ECSTATIC that we’re getting another season of Daredevil, and I have yet to get into Gotham but I remember enjoying The Penguin in the first few episodes I did see.

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Top 10 Comics

I read fewer comics this year than I did in 2014, but there were so many amazing titles to choose from that it was very challenging to narrow it down to only 10.  Here are my top 10 favorite comics of 2014 in a very particular order!  Don’t forget to check out the Top 10 Books of 2014, and Top 10 TV Shows, Top 7 Movies, & Top 5 Broadway/Off Broadway Shows of 2014! What were your favorites this year?

10) The Woods


9) Gotham Academy


8) Silver Surfer


7) Rat Queens


6) Sex Criminals


5) The Wicked + The Divine


4) Batgirl


3) Sandman Overture


2) Lumberjanes


1) Saga


Bonus: Bee & Puppycat


Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 6.58.06 PM

5 Fandom Friday: Characters I Would Love To Dress Up As For Halloween

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays (next to Christmas of course)!  It’s a time to indulge in delicious candy, catch up on horror movies you may have missed or revisit some old favorites, carve pumpkins and hunt for every pumpkin flavored food item one can find, and of course, to dress up!  For me, I personally think there’s a huge difference between dressing up for Halloween and cosplaying.  While I obviously want to be as character accurate as possible, I definitely put a lot less effort into Halloween costumes than I put into cosplay.  Especially since Halloween is not too long after New York Comic Con.  Our next 5 Fandom Friday post is about the 5 characters I would love to dress up for this Halloween and I’m treating my list as if I had unlimited time and resources.
Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 7.48.24 AM
1) Elsa – I love Elsa for so many reasons.  I was already obsessed with Frozen before the film had even debuted because I would spend all of my free time wandering into the Disney Store in Times Square and admiring her ethereal ice blue gown accentuated with the perfect amount of sparkly crystals.  It was basically a test not to buy something each time I would get there without having seen the movie.  I only allowed myself to purchase an Elsa mug beforehand but you can bet that as soon as I saw it (opening night OBVS), I headed straight back to get my hands on more merchandise.  I also adore Elsa’s long full braid and her classic purple eyeshadow and deep red lips and porcelain skin.  So yupp, HUGE Elsa fan here :-)
2) Spider-Gwen – Let’s face it.  Spider-Gwen is basically all of my fantasies rolled into one giant dream come true.  If there’s one character that was made for me, it’s Spider-Gwen.  I wish I had had enough time to put together a costume for New York Comic Con, but I’m so in love with Gwen that I didn’t want to rush at all.  I know I’m going to cosplay her at a convention next year, but there is going to be so much time, effort and care that goes into it because it’s one cosplay that I’m excited to wear multiple times.  I love Gwen’s Spider suit and the gorgeous hooded design.  It’s so sleek and classic, yet also modern and fresh. Oh Gwen <3
3) Thranduil – One fandom that I am very passionate about but haven’t ever gotten into the cosplay spirit of is Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.  After seeing GlitzyGeekyGirl’s Legolas cosplay, I’ve been dying to make my own, but ever since The Hobbit films have been released, I find myself more and more attached to Thranduil.  I love his long blonde hair (widows peak and all), and I super love his hair accessory/crown.  The delicate silver branchlike design works perfectly with the autumnal leaves.  I also love his floor length silver brocade(?) robe, knee high riding boots, and leggings.  Also, elf ears.  It’s going to happen at some point.
4) The New Batgirl –  Another new costume that I’ve been experiencing intensely fond feelings for is the new Batgirl suit which debuted in issue #35 earlier this month.  The new Babs has been everywhere on the internet and I could just stare at her outfit for hours.  I love love love the fitted purple leather jacket, purple leggings, yellow Doc Martens, yellow Bat symbol and just all of the intricate detailing of the various snaps and zippers and what have you.  Batgirl is finally someone who is relatable and her costume could not be more perfect.
5) Sylveon –   Sylveon is my favorite new Pokémon.  She/he’s what I would picture a Pokémon fashioned after a cupcake to look like.  There are such cute girl Sylveon designs on DeviantArt and I would definitely want to model my costume after this Sylveon Scout or a Lolita Sylveon.  Either way the costume would be so pink and precious and full of bows!  I’m pretty sure I would also be rather prancy.
Which characters would you most like to dress up as for Halloween?  Send me your links so I can add them to my post!
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