‘Tis the Season: Bath & Body Works Holiday Candle Haul

This year I treated myself to an array of candles from Bath and Body Works when they were holding an irresistible sale on 3-wick styles.  I had a whole plan to film an over the top candle haul, possibly dressed as Professor Trelawney, so I could start telling people that I’ve dabbled in candle vlogging (because Scream Queens made that too funny).  Alas, the holidays are almost upon us and the one thing that’s always lacking during this season is time so a blog post is what I’m posting instead.  My family and I have been using the Fresh Balsam candle every chance we get because it smells exactly like a Christmas tree and it makes it so enjoyable to smell while sitting in front of our faux tree.  I also picked up Spiced Apple Toddy which smells like apple cider with a little kick to it, Vanilla Snowflake whose aroma smells almost exactly like a vanilla cupcake, and Twisted Peppermint because I adore mint everything.  What are some of your favorite candles?  I’ve recently become more interested in candles now that I’m thinking a lot about my future home.  I’ve never been able to enjoy the ambiance they create in my own room because I have so many books that burning a candle would be a major fire hazard!





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