Tasty Treats: New Food Roundup

I really like love food.  There have been quite a few newly announced treats that the mere sight of have mad my mouth water.  These treats have made their way on to my summer list of foods to try and I felt obligated to round them up here and share them with everyone else because as I said, I really love food.

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Yesterday afternoon, Baked by Melissa announced the three flavors you can begin purchasing as part of their 2015 Summer Collection.  Of the three, Sugar Cookie takes the [cup]cake for most appealing flavor IMO.  I’m excited to try all three, but I don’t think anything could beat last year’s Key Lime Pie number because YUM.  The new collection is available from June 23rd through September 22nd.

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Next on my list is these Rainbow Sherbet flavored Fruity Pebbles!  I’m mostly imagining eating them as an ice cream topping.  A huge plus is the beautiful blue packaging and the neon colors of the cereal.  They just scream SUMMER!

1Anyone who is local to NYC or planning on visiting should make it a priority to visit Ample Hills Creamery and / or Baked bakery who have teamed up to bring us this glorious dessert dubbed the Black & Walt.  The Black & Walt sandwiches vanilla malt ice cream with malted fudge between two black and white cookies and it’s rolled in malted chocolate Rice Krispies crunch.  Be still my heart.

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5 Fandom Friday: Comfort Foods That Always Make Me Feel Better

This week’s 5 Fandom Friday topic is “Comfort Foods that Always Make Me Feel Better.”  In a surprise to no one, my list includes some of my favorite desserts- cupcakes and ice cream, and my two biggest comfort meal foods- pizza and bagels (but, very importantly, only from New York).  If this were a favorite foods list, sushi would be in there somewhere too.


1) New York Bagels – I remember being in elementary school and counting down the days each week until it would finally be Wednesday and I could finally enjoy a bagel.  I don’t eat them as often as I used to (which is a shame since I’m now living and working in NYC, the bagel capital of the world)
2) Starbucks Zen Tazo Tea – My body basically runs on Zen Tazo tea.  I have about 3-4 20oz cups of it each day at work and sometimes I’ll even spring for an additional cup at night.  I like that the Zen tea isn’t a straight green tea.  It blends lemongrass, and spearmint as well which makes for an irresistible flavor.
3) Ben & Jerry’s Cinnamon Buns or Candy Bar Pie – The Ben & Jerry’s Candy Bar Pie is a recent addition to my list but it is seriously the PERFECT ice cream.  It’s the exact right combination of sweet and salty and I could eat container after container.  I particularly love enjoying it while watching Netflix so it’s kind of a double comfort food.  Cinnamon Buns has always been one of my favorite flavors Ben & Jerry’s consistently produces.  It has cinnamon bun dough chunks, and a cinnamon swirl all mixed in with caramel flavored ice cream.  Delish!
4) Cupcakes – Also living in NYC, I have a pretty wide selection of bakeries to buy cupcakes from when the craving strikes.  If I’m in the mood for something small and sweet I would head to Baked by Melissa for chocolate peanut butter cupcakes.  If I want a flavorful full sized treat, my first instinct is to head to SoHo for Georgetown Cupcakes.  I especially love their Key Lime flavor.  And lastly, if I want a classic vanilla cupcake, I’ll hit up Magnolia for buttercream goodness.
5) New York Pizza – The first thing I do whenever I land home in New York after going on vacation is to make it a priority to eat a slice of pizza, no matter how late or early I arrive.  I made the mistake of ordering pizza in a few other states (the only one that was okay-ish IMO is Chicago), and there’s just nothing that compares.  Andrew and I also have designated Sunday as pizza and video game day so I look forward to it every week!


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Welcome & Zombie Quidditch!

Hey guys! I decided to start keeping a separate more personal blog from On Wednesdays We Wear Pink because I’d like to chronicle more of the fun things I’ve been up to in New York and OWWWP is a more professional site that I share with one of my best friends, Kristin Fowler.  You’ll still be getting tons of geeky and girly news from On Wednesdays We Wear Pink, and here you’ll get a deeper look into the stories behind all of the Twitter and Instagram statuses that I can’t quite describe in only 140 characters.  Kind of like an online diary, although, a girl’s gotta maintain some secrets :o)  Let me know in the comments section if there’s anything specific that you guys would like to see from me and I’ll do my best to incorporate it into my new blog!  I’ve been wanting to start a fun blog for some time and since I finally have a night at home (even though I should be cleaning my room), I decided what better time than now?  I’m going to be backtracking slightly over the next week or so because I really want to share all of my favorite moments from Star Wars Celebration, Dragon*Con, The Walking Dead Zombie Tour, and Baltimore Comic Con with everyone.
I figured I’d start with the most recent events, which happened just yesterday!  My friend Marlene and I attended our very first Zombie Quidditch game on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.  It was unlike anything that either of us had ever been to before, and we couldn’t resist the awesome mixing of genres.  There were about 6 Quidditch teams each playing on two pitches.  The team that hosted the event were the NY Badassalisks, a Quidditch team associated with NYC’s largest Harry Potter group, The Group Who Shall Not Be Named.  The way it works is that there are 3 hoops set up on each side of the field and each team has Beaters, Keepers, Chasers, and a Seeker.  Then there’s a person dressed in gold that serves as the Snitch.  For a detailed explanation of Muggle Quidditch, I suggest visiting the Wikapedia page.  Co-hosting the event was ZombieNYC, who zombified all of the participants for free!  Obviously, we couldn’t pass up the chance to have our makeup done, even though it meant attending the Brooklyn Book Fair as zombies later in the day.
After Quidditch, we decided to grab some food (not brains), before heading into Brooklyn and meeting up with my friends Rachael and Giovanni at the Brooklyn Book Festival.  So many of our favorite publishers and NYC bookstores were in attendance.  One booth in particular that we loved was the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund table.  Their mission to protect the First Amendment rights in the comics medium.  They’re a nonprofit organization and you can donate to their cause on their website.  We hung out at the festival for a while and spent a lot of time charging our phones before helping Rachael finish moving into her beautiful new apartment!  As a thank you, Rach took us to her favorite bar, and we were treated to the crispiest, most delicious plate of french fries I ever could’ve hoped for.
After such an eventful day, all I wanted to do was run home and curl up on my couch in pj’s to watch the Emmy’s with my family.  But of course, I couldn’t leave NYC without stopping at Midtown Comics to pick up Guardians of the Galaxy (which is their pick for Friday’s book club at the downtown store) and Baked by Melissa for a box of 25 mini cupcakes, 10 of which I ate on the train ride home :o)  To be honest, I was kind of disappointed in the Emmy’s this year.  Most of the awards went to Modern Family, and John Cryer won for best lead actor in a comedy series.  Homeland, a show I haven’t had a chance to watch yet, won a bunch of awards too.  Although I was excited that Aaron Paul won for his performance on Breaking Bad, and Jessica Lange won for her role on American Horror Story.  Anyway,  I should get to work on my other blog posts for tomorrow since I have a very busy week ahead of me!
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