Wish List Worthy: Kirby Amiibos

Since Nintendo debuted it’s very first offerings in their Amiibo line, Andrew and I have been avid collectors of just about every single figure.  This was especially eye opening while moving but we now have the cutest decor for our gaming area.  At the latest Nintendo Direct, a new line of Kirby Amiibos were announced and you can bet we’ll be all over getting them on release day.  We already have Kirby, King Dedede and Meta Knight in our collection BUT the new Kirby is sitting on a star so good job Nintendo, you’ve tricked me into buying another one.  Kirby and Waddle Dee are the two that we’re set on acquiring.  I really love the packaging for this collection!  They’ll be compatible with Kirby: Planet Robobot which is coming to 3DS on June 10th.  Are you planning on picking any up / what’s your current Amiibo status?

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Super Mario Maker at Nintendo & the Hunt for Amiibos

I always count myself lucky that I happen to live and work right near Nintendo World which is the only Nintendo Store in the United States.   On Friday morning before work I was planning on stopping there to try and grab the new Amiibos and a copy of the new game Super Mario Maker which is INCREDIBLY cool.  The game is for Wii U and it allows you to design your own Mario levels! Unfortunately, the line at the store spanned an entire NYC avenue and there was no chance I would be able to wait there and make it to work on time.  Since I did have my heart set on seeing how the store was decorated to promote the game, I went back during lunch when I knew it would be less chaotic.  I picked up a copy that Andrew and I have not yet had time to test out but we’ll probably give it a go sometime next week.  The window display is one of the best I’ve ever seen and the inside of the store looked amazing as well!  I already have a photo of myself coming out of a warp pipe from E3 a few years ago, but I’m tempted to go back and take photos with this one and the adorable mushroom!





And as for those Amiibos, I carried out Plan B which was to run to the Best Buy a couple of blocks over and I waited on a VERY short line where I was able to get 2 / 4 Amiibos (Ganondorf and Zero Suit Samus) that my heart desired.  Some guy cut me in line and got the last 8-bit Mario Amiibo and to say I was upset is a gross understatement.  But anyway, Andrew was able to order one online from GameStop when it appeared later in the day!  We also have Dr. Mario en route from Target.com and the last figure I want to add to our collection from this wave is Bowser Jr.


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