5 Fandom Friday: Fandoms I Couldn’t Get Into

5 Fandom Friday is a weekly meme hosted by yours truly and Megan of The Nerdy Girlie!  For more information, here’s our introduction post about how 5FF came into being.

Before I get into my answers for this week’s topic I just want to remind everyone that we’re all entitled to our own opinions so no hard feelings<3!


1) Recent DC Comics Films – The moment Man of Steel ended, I totally lost all faith in DC’s movie adaptations.  I have never hated a movie so much for destroying a character I love.  I was bored for most of that fight scene, questioning why it was taking place where it was and then once the ending spoiler happened, I was done.  I have yet to see Batman vs. Superman because while I do want to support Wonder Woman on screen, I’m just not sure that I’m ready to put myself through something like that again.  I don’t even want to give them my money for it so I may catch it if it ends up on Netflix or Hulu but that’ll be a pretty masochistic few hours to impose on myself.


2) X-Men – This one might come as a surprise to most people since I’m pretty open about my love of comics.  It’s not that I don’t like X-Men (I’ve actually read several pretty great story arcs, especially Joss Whedon’s Astonishing X-Men<3) but I just never cared about them the way other people seem to.  I also really liked X-Men: Days of Future Past but it still didn’t inspire me to jump into any more of their extensive comic history.  When it comes to teams of heroes, my heart has always belonged to Geoff John’s Teen Titans above all else.



3) True Blood (The TV Show) – I tried really hard to get on board for this one.  I love Charlainne Harris’s Sookie Stackhouse book series (until it delves too deep into the fairy stuff which is when it goes downhill IMO) and I totally love Alexander Skarsgard to pieces but I couldn’t stand that Bill played such a big role in the show.  I’m all for adaptations but this one just veered too far from the source material and it didn’t vibe with me.


4) Skyrim – I was so excited to buy this game when I got my PS3! I spent the majority of my childhood playing video games with my brother and my two best friends but I hadn’t invested my time in a new system since N64.  When PS3 debuted I was a working “adult” and I thought it was the perfect time to buy myself a new game system (instead of Santa getting it for me).  The first two games I bought were Skyrim and Arkham Asylum.  Once I set everything up and settled in for what I thought would be hours of Skyrim gameplay with my new pink controller, I proceeded to play for about an hour before getting really dizzy and slightly nauseas.  These were not the simple side scroller controls of my youth and my eyes / hands were not adjusting.  I have since been able to enjoy Ni No Kuni on that system though!


5) Transformers – Again, this is one that I could just take or leave.  Much of my Transformers exposure is from the Shia LaBeouf / Megan Fox films that really weren’t anything to write home about IMO.  Sure Bumblebee is endearing but am I going to choose these for movie night any time in the near future? I think not.

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Wish List Worthy: Harry Potter Hedwig Mug

I usually write a wish list post around SDCC outlining all of the exclusives I would be willing to spend time waiting in line for and I’m still planning to do the same this year but the first exclusive I saw was just too good to wait on!  Monogram is coming out a Hedwig mug *initiate party horns* and it would be the perfect addition to my Harry Potter bookshelves.  Then I can pretend nothing happened to her and instead, enjoy her company while I drink tea and re-read my favorite books.  The mug is ceramic but it doesn’t say how many oz it holds so I’m crossing my fingers for somewhere in the 16 oz – 20 oz range.  The mug also comes with a cute gold Hogwarts crest pin that can be affixed to the house robes of your choice. It’s only $20 and it’s limited to 500 pieces so good luck to everyone who wants one!



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Art Gallery: Anime ‘Captain America: Civil War’

If there was ever a mash up that I didn’t know I needed, it’s this Anime version of Captain America: Civil War.  I obviously loved the live action film wholeheartedly (I’m having trouble ranking my favorite Marvel films but it definitely sits within the top two spots for me) and anime, especially the animation and art style are up there in my favorite art styles so this mash up really speaks to me! All of the artwork is done by Bin1 Production and it mashes Captain America: Civil War with The Idolmaster.  There are mild Civil War spoilers in the artwork so beware if you haven’t seen it yet.  My favorite character drawn below is the female version of Spider-Man holding Cap’s shield<3


















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5 Fandom Friday: My Favorite Places To Read

5 Fandom Friday is a weekly meme hosted by yours truly and Megan of The Nerdy Girlie!  For more information, here’s our introduction post about how 5FF came into being.

This week’s 5 Fandom Friday topic is our favorite places to read.  As I’m sitting here in our Little Mermaid shell bed at Disney, the first place that came to my mind is vacation… until I realized that I’ve read a whopping 30 pages in the past two weeks so I had to amend my answers.  I usually read A LOT but things have been so crazy with the wedding and now the honeymoon that I’ve taken a bit of a break but once I get back to NY, I can’t wait to resume my reading in these places!

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 10.36.00 AM1) In front of my comic bookshelves on Andrew and I’s super comfy couch that we bought without ever sitting on.  We got really lucky but we could just tell from the photo that it had to be the most comfortable couch ever!

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 10.36.51 AM

2) In Andrew and I’s bed! Ever since I was little, reading in bed has been my favorite place of all to relax and get lost in a good story.

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 10.40.45 AM

3) My bed at my parent’s house.  Like I said, this has been my longtime favorite and I know I’ll still love to read there when I stay over (especially in the morning because I’m ALWAYS the first one awake)!Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 10.42.11 AM

4) Outside in the springtime.  I love admiring the Cherry Blossom trees and spending time outside before it gets unbearably hot. I’m so happy to have a backyard again so I can enjoy the outdoors in the private.

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 10.54.11 AM

5) And lastly, which is the place I read more than any other, is on the train when I’m commuting to and from work.  I love reading on trains (and planes!) because it’s such a great chunk of uninterrupted reading time.

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I hope you’ll be sharing your favorite places this week! And if you want to participate in future 5FF’s, you can find the rest of the June topics listed here :-)

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Life Lately: Kristin & Andrew’s Geeky Summer Goals

Now that we’re in the final week before our wedding, Andrew and I have been daydreaming about all the things we’re going to do with our newfound time so we decided to make a list of our summer goals (or I actually decided and sent it to Andrew for him to review).  Anyway, here’s a cute photo of some of our Pokemon plushes (note that I put Snorlax in my Raybans because summer).  Here are our goals:


1) Enjoy life post space wedding – AKA THE STRESS OF PLANNING IS OVER AND DONE! And we will do all the relaxing to make up for these past few months such as board game nights with friends, much more traveling to conventions and weekend trips to out of town friends, and just general laziness.

2) Work on NYCC cosplay! – I already have a pretty solid plan for one cosplay I want to do but I’m having it commissioned by someone on Etsy.  I do want to come up with a good one for me to work on myself though! Honestly, two cosplays is kind of ambitious since I feel so out of the game but hey, goal setting never hurt anyone! But I do want at least two days in comfy clothes (and one of those days will obviously be Sunday because I’m usually mostly dead by then anyway).

3) Start our video game channel on YouTube – Andrew has been so excited about this one for what feels like forever! I bought him the game capture equipment he needs for Christmas last year but he put his dream on hold to focus on wedding stuff which is so incredibly amazing of him.  So gaming is basically our top priority come summer.

4) Finalize our 2017 con schedule – Now that we’ve had our wedding and friend weddings seem to be slowing down (the last two have been OUT OF CONTROL), we’re really excited to immerse ourselves back in the con circuit.  Some cons I still haven’t had a chance to experience that are tops on my list are ECCC, HeroesCon and since Baltimore will always be a favorite, I’d love to head back there!

5) Binge watch all of Batman 66 – I recently scored the DVD box set on Amazon for an awesome price so I would love to revisit this show in the very near future.  Especially now that we’ve finished Gilmore Girls, our TV watching time has become wide open (that is, after experiencing Legend of Korra season 4 which we are going to break down and buy because we just can’t wait any longer for Amazon to add it to Prime).

6) Have our LOTR movie marathon with Joe & Kris –  We gave Andrew’s brother and his wife the Lord of the Rings blu-ray trilogy box set for Christmas and we’ve been trying to plan a good weekend for a movie marathon ever since.  Obviously, in addition to watching the films, this weekend would just be us embracing the Hobbit lifestyle and eating all the food and drinking all the drinks.  Can’t say there will be pipe smoking though.

7) Go to the Renn Faire – This is something we’ve been wanting to do for the past couple of years (and we *sort of* did in the Cloisters but we want to go to the more official one with all of our friends!).  One group of our friends plans a huge trip every year and now that we actually have a car it’ll be much easier to get there.

8) Download and play through the OG Pokemon – Andrew is a Pokemon Blue kind of guy but I’m torn between Yellow and Red.  I like that I’ll have a little Pikachu following me around in Yellow but I would like for us to capture all 151 so idkkkkk send help!

Do you have any Summer goals you’re going to be working toward?

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5 Fandom Friday: June Topics

Hi everyone! After a May hiatus, Megan and I are back and ready to tackle some new 5 Fandom Friday topics in June!  As many of you know, this weekend is my wedding and next week I’ll be celebrating in Disney (which really means riding Star Tours 20+ times per day) and Harry Potter World!  My bosses got Andrew and I a VIP Guided Tour of the park where we’ll get to go behind the scenes and we’ll be given front of line passes for everything we want to go on! Also, butterbeer ice cream here I come! I haven’t tried it yet since the last time I went was before the expansion so this is going to be the best trip ever! My HP World wish list includes a Ravenclaw cardigan and scarf and my Disney wish list is simply too long to type out because just like Ariel, I want EVERYTHING! I’ll be filming a Disney World haul video upon my return and I can’t wait to be able to relax and focus on blogging and not have the constant stress of planning a wedding looming over me.  I feel so happy to be almost back! I hope everyone else is doing well and I look forward to reading all of your posts!  Look for another photo challenge coming in July but we’ll be changing up the format a bit! And as always, we’re open to your suggestions for future topics! Just leave it in a comment here :-D

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June 3rd: Favorite Places to Read

June 10th: Fandoms I Couldn’t Get Into

June 17th: Favorite Podcasts

June 24th: Fandom Habits

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Outfit of the Day: Spider-Gwen

These are some photos that I took (and edited) last fall but I still hadn’t posted for some reason unbeknownst to me (actually now that I’m thinking of it, I took these photos the day of Melissa’s going away party when she moved back to Texas T.T).  Since my second tpb of Spider-Gwen arrived yesterday I thought I would get on releasing these<3 I think everyone knows that Spider-Gwen is essentially my comic dream come true (thanks again Dan!) so I’ve purchased just about every Spider-Gwen article of clothing that WeLoveFine has had to offer.  Even more exciting is that completely out of nowhere, my friend Eric asked for my address because he had a surprise for me… custom painted Spider-Gwen converse sneakers!!!!  I was DYING when he sent me photos of them and I couldn’t believe how lucky I was that he thought of me!  Each side of the shoes has a different design and I love them so much! To be honest, I’m super scared to wear them unless it’s a REALLY special occasion because I would be DEVASTATED if anything were to happen to them! I love that Eric even went so far as to customize the box!  I decided to put together this everyday outfit complete with a Gwen Stacy headband and show off my best web hands.  In other news, today is my first official day off for my wedding! I have some last minute appointments today and some crafting stuff to take care of and then I’ll be rewarding myself with a hot cup of tea while I savor every page of DC Rebirth!











Outfit Details: Cardigan (WeLoveFine)  |  Jeans (Siwy) 

 Shoes (Converse – Custom made for me by SonsOfGeekery – Thanks so much!!)

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Waiting on Wednesday: The Pokémon Cookbook

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly series hosted by Breaking the Spine that spotlights upcoming releases we’re eagerly awaiting.  This week I’m choosing the Official Pokémon Cookbook which is finally coming to the United States!  It’s been available in Japan for a while but VIZ Media will be printing in English soon.  The cookbook is *supposed* to be aimed at kids so obviously I’m super excited for it.  All of the foods in the cookbook are made to look like Pokémon and I’m especially excited to make some Poke Ball Sushi Rolls.  The cookbook comes out on December 6th (I’ve already pre-ordered my copy!) so it’s the perfect holiday gift for the gamer in your life<3

Pokemon Cookbook

Fun & easy recipes inspired by favorite Pokémon characters!

Create delicious dishes that look like your favorite Pokémon characters – from desserts to pizza – with more than 35 easy, fun recipes. Make a Pokéball sushi roll, Pikachu ramen or mashed Meowth potatoes for your next party, weekend activity or powered-up lunchbox. (via Amazon)

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Tasty Treats: Oreo Releasing Two New Flavors!

Pretty much every time Oreo releases a new flavor, the hunt is on for me.  I’m surprised to say that I’m really looking forward to both of the newly announced flavors but I know I’m going to have a difficult time tracking down at least one of them.  The flavors in question are Blueberry Pie Oreo’s which will be available starting June 6th at Target stores (I’ll be heading there as soon as I land from my honeymoon in hot pursuit of this cookie / pie mash up), and Fruity Crisp which is clearly Fruity Pebbles Oreo’s (but it’s interesting they were allowed to do this since Oreo is owned by Kraft and Fruity Pebbles are owned by Post Foods- not that I’m complaining!) which will be available at Wegman’s, Price Chopper, Winn Dixie and other regional retailers (but none of the listed stores exist in NY by me WAH).  If you happen to live by one of these stores I would be happy to PayPal you $$$ for a box of Oreo’s and shipping and I will also love you forever!  Both flavors are limited edition and will be in stores just for the summer season.  Blue berry Pie is made with graham flavored cookie and blueberry creme while Fruity Crisp will also have graham flavored cookie and will have rainbow crisps in the traditional creme.  Both of these flavors sound like they would be a great addition to ice cream!


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Trailer Reaction: Beauty & the Beast Teaser

Talk about a teaser! The trailer released yesterday for the upcoming Beauty and the Beast film is only one minute and thirty one seconds and it only gives us the tiniest glimpse of what’s coming.  First things first, is it me or does that castle look awfully similar to Hogwarts?!  A very fitting aesthetic for a film Emma Watson is going to be starring in!  Then we see the unused ballroom which is covered with cobwebs and decorated in golds fine enough for a French King.  It’s very Marie Antoinette, but it still keeps that gothic vibe.  All of the candles in the next shot remind me of being on that main ride at Harry Potter World and I was half expecting the Sorting Hat to be placed within one of those alcoves in the wall.  “Belle (no last name)… better be… RAVENCLAW!”  The we see what I can only assume is the tiny little child version of the Beast and we hear his guttural grunt when he slashes the painting with his claw.  As the castle door slowly creaks open in the next scene and we hear the iconic phrases uttered by Ewan McGregor (Lumiere) and Ian McKellan (Cogsworth)- Look a girl! Maybe she is the one!- and my heart near exploded with joy.  I cannot even come close to expressing how excited I am to see these actors in their new roles.  The FINALLY, we heard Belle’s voice and see a beautifully artistic shot of the Enchanted Rose!!!!!!  We also get the least revealing shot of Belle’s face hiding behind the rose which I feel like barely counts as the first look at Emma Watson as Belle as all these websites have been claiming.

I have to say that I was really hoping to see Belle’s iconic yellow dress or to view what the Beast will look like but since this is only our first teaser, I’m sure those are coming in due time.  I absolutely adore the entire aesthetic of the castle!  I’m so glad they went with a gothic style, especially since Beauty and the Beast really is one of the darker tales.  It feels really fitting and the darker color scheme really allows the deep red rose to pop.   Plus as I mentioned, I got chills as soon as I heard Lumiere and Cogsworth speak with the voices of some incredible actors.  I cannot believe we have to wait almost an entire year for the film!  I know my anticipation has been building ever since the project was announced.  There also hasn’t been any official posters or images released just yet but I’ll be stalking the Disney Twitter account for hope that something will come our way soon.

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