Tea & Broadway Chat: First Date

Last night I had the pleasure of attending First Date on Broadway, and since then I’ve fallen deeply in love with every aspect of the play!  If you’ve ever been on an awkward first date, or really, if you’ve ever felt awkward at all in any situation with with someone you’re romantically interested in, you will love First Date.  The show is so relatable, and heartfelt, and all of the jokes are completely spot on.  The play takes place inside a restaurant in Manhattan where Aaron (Zachary Levi), and Casey (Krysta Rodriguez) meet to have a drink on their first blind date with one another.  Casey is an artsy self identified serial dater, and Aaron is a finance guy who is a blind date virgin that recently got out of a long term relationship.  Their conversation, which can become very uncomfortable at times, is often paused and the other restaurant goers played by Bryce Ryness, Kristoffer Cusik, Sara Chase, Kate Loprest, and their waiter, Blake Hammond take on the persona of the voices in their heads (as their parents, best friends, siblings, future children, and dead grandparents), offering insight and advice into their current standing with one another.  The best interruption of the date is when Casey’s flamboyant best friend offers her an escape as her bail out call.  Most women have bail out calls in place for dates, but I’ve never heard one as entertaining as Kristoffer Cusik’s.  Another notable moment during the date is when Aaron admits to Casey that he Googled her before they met up.  In the current age of the internet, it’s nearly impossible to meet up with someone on an actual blind date.  I don’t know anyone who hasn’t first researched their date before agreeing to meet.  During the scene, the screens on the stage display the Google logo adorned with eyelashes, and she taunts both Aaron and Casey about their internet history and how they’ll never be able to delete it. Dun dun dun.


A huge part of what made the show so enjoyable was the musical aspect.  The moment I got home I downloaded the soundtrack to the show, and I’ve been singing along ever since.  The opening number, “The One,” is very catchy and upbeat, and it’s about taking chances because you’ll never find someone if you don’t put yourself out there.  I particularly enjoyed Casey’s song “Safer,” which allows the audience to see a more vulnerable side of herself where she opens up and expresses the fears she has hiding beneath her tough exterior.  If you’re unable to travel to NYC to see the show, or you simply enjoy soundtracks, you should download it on Amazon, and you’ll get a feeling for the overall story.  First Date also includes some geeky references to Quantum Leap and Wolverine, which definitely had me laughing.  The show is shorter than most plays (the runtime is 90 minutes), and there is no intermission, but a break is definitely not needed.  I couldn’t believe how involved I became with all of the characters within minutes of their appearance onstage.  I cannot stress enough how relatable everything was.  Watching Aaron and Casey’s date felt like watching one of my past dates.  Each actor and actress onstage put on an incredible performance.  First Date is in my top three list of all time favorite plays I’ve ever seen on Broadway and I cannot wait to go and see it a second time.


Living in New York, I’ve see my fair share of Broadway shows, but this was the first time I ever felt compelled to wait around afterwards to meet the actors and gush to them about how much I loved the show.  Each of them signed my Playbill, and Zachary Levi was gracious enough to stay afterwards and take photos with everyone who wanted one.  He even told me how much he liked my Thor shirt!  If you have the opportunity to see First Date, you have to take it!  You can buy tickets for the show here.  And if you visit Broadway.com, you can also view super cute videos of the cast answering dating questions.  If you’ve seen First Date, leave a comment below.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on the play!

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DC Bombshell Statues

Last year, all the way back in 2012 at NYCC, DC revealed the first two statues (Wonder Woman & Supergirl) in their DC Bombshell line and it was love at first sight.  I’m one of Supergirl’s biggest fans so I was particularly intrigued by her design.  Once I found out that more bombshell statues would be released I stalked DC’s collectible blog for more information on the next pieces.  Little did I know that the Harley Quinn and Black Canary statues would be two of my favorite collectibles I would ever see.  The line is inspired by the pinup style of the 1940’s and 1950 and all of the superheroines clothing is reflective of the era.  Each of the statues was sculpted by Ant Lucia and they’re being released sporadically throughout the year.  Supergirl hits stores this Wednesday!


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A Recap of My Wonderful Week

This will probably be one of my most favorite weekly recap posts I ever write.  Things around here have been pretty hectic because this was the week that Fangasm finally premiered on Syfy!  It all started on Friday night when Midtown Comics held a special preview screening of the show and I was scheduled to do a Q&A session afterwards with the audience.  Last minute (with the help of Regina), I was able to convince Sal to come down to NYC and join in the fun.  When I got to Midtown, I nearly fainted because Molly surprised me and flew all the way across the country to attend the event and spend the weekend with me!  So many of my friends and a ton of people I didn’t know showed up to support me and it instilled all the feels.  Someone posted a video of the Q&A online, so if you weren’t able to make it you can still check it out here!  After the screening we all went out for drinks, and all I’ll say about that is that it was quite possibly the best night ever :-)


The next night, Molly and I’s friend Leonard took us out to a play in NYC’s meatpacking district called Sleep No More.  The play was fantastic!  It was based on Shakespeare’s Macbeth and it takes place in the McKittrick Hotel.  Sleep No More is interactive and it allows the audience to explore the rooms in all four stories of the hotel for themselves as well as follow the actors throughout the different floors to witness the scenes that take place within each room.  Immediately upon entering you’re given a playing card and walk upstairs to a bar room that is straight out of a different time period.  You’re greeted by absinthe shots and women in ball gowns who address you with archaic terms of endearment.  Once your playing card is called, you enter an elevator and you’re given a mask to wear at all times.  You’re also informed that you’re no longer allowed to speak.  For a full review of the play, I suggest reading this one from the New York Times.


Then on Sunday I attended my best friend Amanda’s engagement party. We’ve been friends since first grade so it’s so crazy to think that she’ll soon be getting married.  I’m also lucky enough to be one of her bridesmaids!  It was so much fun to catch up with Amanda’s adorable family that I hadn’t seen recently, as well as all of my high school friends.  In the photo below, Amanda is the stunningly angelic girl standing in the middle.


Monday was a quite day, thank goodness, because Tuesday was the big day!  As soon as I got home on Tuesday I had a catch up phone conversation with Kristin Fowler, and then I settled in to watch Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  Agent Coulson is back and the episode was chock full of classic Joss Whedon one liners so I spent a good hour jumping up and down in my room and shrieking to myself out of pure glee.  And then it was time!  The moment I had been waiting for, for probably close to two and half years.  Fangasm debuted on Syfy and the flood gates of social media exploded.  I was barely able to watch one second the episode because I was trying to keep up with all of your wonderful tweets!  It seems like we’ve been getting an overwhelmingly positive response from everyone who watched with the exception of a few internet haters, but that was bound to happen!  I couldn’t believe the amount of people who were asking about my Dalek dress, so I decided to write a blog post about my outfits from the first episode.  I’m going to continue with my “The Fashion of Fangasm” posts throughout the rest of the season as well.  It was truly amazing to watch a few days of my summer rolled up into one exciting 45 minute recap.  I couldn’t be happier with the finished result and I wish my fellow cast mates had been with me to relive those wonderful moments!


Wednesday was exciting for two reason 1) it was my one year friendiversary with my best friend Melissa, and 2) I’m about to go into detail about this one.  Before I had even left for filming, I had told all of my closest friends and family that my new goal in life is to be made fun of on Joel McHale’s show, The Soup.  So Wednesday night, around 2am when I should’ve been sleeping, I checked twitter and saw that my Comikaze boss Regina tweeted about Fangasm being on The Soup… then I came very close to crying tears of joy!  You can watch that clip here.  I tweeted about my excitement and then The Soup responded and I thought I was going to die.  As I’m sure you can imagine, there was only about a half an hour of sleep to be had that night.



Then on Thursday (see, I told you this was an action packed week), I met my friend Lisa and we attended Peter and the Starcatcher. Both of us had read and loved all of the books which are based on Peter Pan and give all of the characters a fascinating origin story.  I wrote a full review of the first book in the trilogy here.  We grabbed a margarita and chips with guacamole and caught up on life stuff before heading to the theater for the show.  The play took a ton of liberties from the book, but it was so well done that the changes didn’t matter.  They did and excellent job of utilizing props and it was choreographed to make the audience feel like the characters on stage were actually traveling to Mollusk island in a pirate ship.


I hope all of your weeks were equally wonderful!  I’m so exhausted from all the excitement that I’m spending this day writing for my blog, catching up on Adventure Time, reading more of The Unwitten, and enjoying a pumpkin spice latte.  What’ve you been up to?

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Tea & Toy Chat: Black & White Harley Quinn (Based on Bruce Timm’s Art)

DC Collectibles had teased us at SDCC with a sketch of the upcoming Harley Quinn statue based on Bruce Timm’s artwork, but it wasn’t until recently that they released actual photos of her.  The new Harley collectible is part of the Batman: Black & White series of statues and is sculpted by Jonathan Matthews.  I’ve always been a huge fan of anything Bruce Timm related so it’s no wonder how in love I am with this statue.  I’m absolutely thrilled to see Harley returning to a more classical look.  She’s gone through many costume changes over the years, and her newest New 52 outfit is absolutely ridiculous.  This Harley statue is clearly based off of her look in Batman: The Animated Series, which is where she was first introduced into the extensive Bat-villain family.  I’m amazed at how well the black and white shades work for Harley since she’s known for incorporating bright red into her attire but I love everything about this statue.  Her face is beautifully sculpted and her features are feminine, almost in a porcelain doll kind of way.  Her body is also very proportionate and the smoke coming out of her gun is optional.  I’m really hoping that someone will cosplay as Black & White Harley Quinn at New York Comic Con this year.  Comics Alliance has a wonderful interview with Jim Fletcher and Kevin Kiniry on their site which you can read here, where it’s revealed that DC is going to start numbering their statues again.  Harley is going to be part of a limited line with only 5,200 statues made.  Obviously, it’s imperative that I get my hands on one for my collection!

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(Photos via DC Collectors)

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Kidrobot x Marvel Labbit Mini Series

At San Diego Comic Con this year I was hardcore coveting the exclusive Wolverine and Venom Labbits by Kidrobot, but sadly, I didn’t get them.  Call me crazy, but I was unable to choose just one.  I had to have both or neither, but with limited suitcase space, and my Super Best Friends Forever exclusive, the Hasbro My Little Pony, and a vast selection of new prints, I wasn’t going to be able to carry them back with me if I tried.  Since I’ve gotten home, both Labbits have appeared online (and on my Amazon wish list) but then I heard about the new blind box mini Labbit series that Kidrobot is producing and I nearly lost my mind.  The line includes miniature versions of the aforementioned Labbits, as well as Galactus, Doom, Loki holding Thor’s hammer, Deadpool, Red Skull, Doc Ock, and Punisher.  But Kidrobot’s site says there are 10 in all, so there must be one more that hasn’t been revealed yet!  The figures are 2.5 inches tall, retail for only $9.99, and they’re being released on September 12th (online and in-store).  Needless to say, I’ll be making a trip to SoHo so I CAN BUY THEM ALL.

Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 8.44.36 PM Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 8.44.45 PM Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 8.44.51 PM Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 8.44.59 PM

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TRILLIUM #1 By Jeff Lemire Review

It’s no secret that Jeff Lemire is one of my favorite writers and artists currently producing content in the comic book industry, which is why I had been looking forward to reading Trillium since the day it was first announced at NYCC in 2012.  Trillium is an 8 issue miniseries written and painted by Lemire centering around two characters; Nika Temsmith, a botanist working in space 1,000 years in the future in search of a rare flower, Trillium, needed to cure a virus from 3739, and William Pike, a WWI veteran journeying through the Amazon while experiencing PTSD.  The series is a science fiction love story, subtitled The Last Love Story Ever Told, which takes place across time and the universe.  Intriguing, am I right?

In typical Jeff Lemire fashion, the first issue completely exceeded all of my expectations.  The issue is divided into two 14 page sections which tell the stories that lead the main characters to meet each other from each of their points of view.  There’s something poetic about two characters who’re meant to fall in love with one another literally meeting in the middle of the issue (similar to how all relationships require compromises, and for each person to meet the other halfway).  Lemire has taken the typical story structure of most literature (exposition –> rising action –> climax –> falling action –> denouement) and recreated the story chart for Trillium by applying it in a way where the end is directly in the center of the book.  Technically speaking, there is no falling action or denouement in the first issue because both sides of the climax constitute the rising action for one of the characters.   The way Lemire is able to revolutionize storytelling never ceases to amaze me.  After reading the first issue, I watched this interview with him on CBR, and learned that each side of the story not only has an equal number of pages, but it also has an equal panel count on each page, and the exact same page layout for both character’s stories.  Lemire is correct in stating that he “created the perfect mirror.”  He also informs CBR that the second issue, which comes out this Wednesday, is going to be all about language.

I would be remiss in ending my review here without mentioning the beautiful artwork that enhances the narrative, and takes on a burden equal to that of the prose in conveying Trillium’s story.  Flipping through the painted panels is reminiscent of what it must feel like to experience a lucid dream in Lemire’s head.  The book is water colored by Jose Villarrubia who previously worked with Lemire on his last Vertigo series, Sweet Tooth.  There’s a clear shift in the style of art used in Sweet Tooth to the style used in Trillium (which is similar to the art in Lemire’s original graphic novel Underwater Welder), and there’s no doubt that the pair have certainly grown and matured together in their progression from series to series.  One of my favorite aspects of all of Lemire’s artwork is that the way his character’s are drawn allow the reader to grasp the experience and stress behind the character’s journey up until this point in time.  So far, we’re aware that William is a war veteran, but it’s his physical features and flashback panels that give us a hint as to how traumatized his character truly is.  If you haven’t read Trillium #1 just yet, I highly recommend purchasing the issue as a physical comic.  You will reap the rewards of the flip book element of the story and the mirrored panels will be more easily appreciated than if you were to read it digitally.

Trillium #2 debuts in comic shops this Wednesday September 4th.

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Candy I’m Obsessed With This Week: PUMPKIN SPICE M&M’S & My Quest To Obtain Them

Seeing as how this is a holiday weekend and all, I had a little extra time this morning to lay in bed without feeling guilty and while I was browsing through my twitter feed, I happened to see a tweet by my internet friend Jen, alerting me to the fact that Target is now carrying Pumpkin Spice M&M’s.  I leaped out from under my covers with a kind of motivation on par with how Captain America must feel when Nick Fury gives him a new S.H.I.E.L.D. assignment.  I threw on the closest t-shirt, pair of shorts, and Converse sneakers I could find, all the while having daydreams about how the rest of my day would play out.  I stopped only for a second to visit the Target website, and make sure that my precious pumpkin spice M&M’s were in stock at my preferred Target location.  I can’t remember anything from my drive over.  Did I listen to music? Probably, my mind was 100% focused on the end goal.  I parked my car, ran into the store and bounded down the M&M aisle.  Peanut M&M’s, Peanut Butter M&M’s, Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Coconut, Almond… OMG THERE AREN’T ANY PUMPKIN SPICE.  I immediately began to freak out.  I had flashbacks to last year and began feeling a pit form in the bottom of my stomach.  It was going to be Candy Corn Oreo’s all over again.  “Douglas Adams would tell you not to panic,” I told myself.  I began to breathe.  I looked for the closest Target employee and told him I NEEDED pumpkin spice M&M’s but they’re not in the M&M aisle. “Hmmm, I saw those earlier today,” he said, “Give me a minute.” I paced and paced until he returned from customer service with three packages in hand!  I became so excited that I nearly jumped up and down in the middle of the store.  Achievement unlocked!  “Here you go!” he said, handing me one bag.  “I think I better get at least two packages…” I thoughtfully countered.  So yeah, now I am the proud consumer of Pumpkin Spice M&M’s.  The second half of my quest, the return home, is anticlimactic compared to acquiring my precious, so I’ll go right ahead and describe the taste to you.


Pumpkin Spice M&M’s are manufactured in the exact way as peanut butter M&M’s.  If you bite into the shell leaving half of the M&M in tact (similar to a diagram of the Earth’s core, except, you know, with chocolate), you’ll see that just beneath the shell is a thin layer of the pumpkin spice flavoring with the milk chocolate encapsulated in the center.  The pumpkin spice flavoring compliments the chocolate and sugary shell surprisingly well.  I’ll buy just about anything that is pumpkin spice flavored, so I’ve had my fair share of disappointment in the past, but these delicious pieces of candy exceed all expectations.  They’re spicy and sweet all at once which gives your tastebuds an incredibly satisfying experience.  I’m almost kicking myself for not purchasing more packages because these have become an instant favorite of mine.  I’m considering using my second package to make a batch of pumpkin spice M&M cookies, but we’ll see if they last long enough for me to get around to actually baking them!  If you’re considering buying some of these, I would suggest getting them ASAP.  They’re bound to sell out quickly once other pumpkin spice aficionados such as myself become privy to their existence.

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Batman ’66 By Jeff Parker & Jonathan Case Review

A few nights ago I read the first two issues of Batman ’66 and for lack of a better phrase, I’m completely obsessed.  In just 50 pages (30 pages in issue #1, and 20 pages in issue #2), we’ve already been introduced to Batman, Robin, Riddler (the Frank Gorshin version), Penguin, Mr. Freeze, Catwoman, Commissioner Gordon, Alfred, and Circe.  And we’ve already gotten some classic Boy Wonder exclamations such as “Holy Evil Alliance,” “Holy Tightrope,” and “”Should I enter it into the Bat-Computer?”  The first two issues each contain one main story, and a backup story.  Jeff Parker, who writes the series, told the NY Post that he listens to the characters speaking while he creates their dialogue, which you can easily tell while you’re reading.  Parker has a much bigger opportunity to tell grander stories since there’s no budget for effects in a comic book, and it comes through in his writing that Parker is basically telling dream Batman ’66 stories which wouldn’t have been able to be told on the television series due to monetary restrictions.  We haven’t seen a full blown Batusi yet, but hopefully Parker was foreshadowing in the first issue when a bar patron asks “Batman, I was hoping to run into you! Can you show us how to do that dance we heard about?”  Sadly Bats doesn’t have the time because he and the Boy Wonder are investigating a serious crime.

Jonathan Case, who illustrates and colors the series, created artwork which perfectly captures the overall tone.  He uses bright neon colors which pop against contrasting backgrounds, and in the first issue with the Riddler, he outlines all of the landscapes with blue lines which creates a kind of 3D effect in a much more attractive version of Gotham.  Case perfectly captures the likeness of the Adam West, Burt Ward, and Julie Newmar’s ’66 characters, using smooth rounded lines, and hairstyles consistent with the decade to depict the cast of the comic.  And I just have to say this – Case’s Catwoman is purrfect.  I’m also loving the use of the exaggerated sound effects within the comics’ panels.  And the covers are drawn and colored by Mike and Laura Allred, who just so happen to be two of my favorite artists.  I can’t even begin to count the number of times I have flipped through these issues.

According to Comics Alliance, a very classy Mad Men-like version of Harley Quinn will be appearing in issue #7.  If you’re reading the comic digitally, you’ve already seen Harley’s introduction, but since I’m reading in print, I’m only up to issue #2.  Batman ’66 is part of the DC2 initiative to convert readers to digital comics.  I’ve been reading the physical printed copies, which are released on a very delayed time schedule compared to their digital counterparts, but since I loved the first two issues so much, I think I’m going to finally cave in and start buying the series from ComiXology… as well as the print issues… and the trade.  *Makes fist* damn you DC Comics for monopolizing my bank account!

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Tea & Manga Chat: Paradise Kiss by Ai Yazawa

Paradise Kiss by Ai Yazawa is a series that feels as if it were written for me.  Having gone to fashion school myself and spending the majority of my years in high school focusing more on my career than studying for tests, I completely relate to Yukari (aka Caroline, aka Carrie).  In the beginning, Yukari is a shy student with little confidence and direction, but everything changes for her when she meets Arashi, Miwako, Isabella and George (students at Yaza Arts, a fashion institute).  Arashi bumps into Yukari on the street and asks her to be a model for their fashion show.  At first, Yukari has many reservations about modeling, but once she visits their atelier she sees how serious the group is about producing and selling Paradise Kiss label clothing.  She waits several days to give them her final answer, but she ultimately decides to lie to her mother, skip out on cram school, and help out at the atelier as much as she possibly can.  Infatuated by the brands designer, George, and driven by a a newfound career passion, Yukari’s character becomes way more dynamic.  Throughout the series she continues to grow and push her sense of free will to the limit.

Screen Shot 2013-07-13 at 4.58.59 PM

Yukari immerses herself in the world of fashion.  She becomes best friends with Miwako, who is constantly comparing herself and trying to measure up to her older sister, the designer of Happy Berry clothing.  Miwako helps Yukari with girly things like picking out clothing and acting as a makeup artist as well as offering her comfort in times of need, and a place to stay when things get rough.  Yukari also ditches her childhood crush on a fellow student in high school and gets involved in a twisted and confusing romance with the irresistible George.  It’s questionable whether George’s antics are helping or hindering Yukari’s development, but it’s a storyline you’ll be clinging to until the very last word.

Screen Shot 2013-07-13 at 4.56.22 PM

One of the most fascinating aspects of the series is how self aware the characters are, and their constant habit of breaking the fourth wall.  The majority of Yukari’s communication of her innermost thoughts to the reader is primarily through monologues, while the other characters will turn their heads to the read and blatantly express a thought, apologize for jumping around, or clarify which type of chapter this will be.  Also, it would be impossible to fully express my love of this series without mentioning the amazing artwork.  Each character is drawn flawlessly!  They’re just the right mix of cute, chic, and youthful. Obviously their clothes are to die for (as this is a tale about fashion), and the atelier looks like my high school dream hangout.  Throughout the series I felt connected and invested in each character’s life.  I will forever be grateful to Betty Felon who enlightened me with her recommendation (for those who don’t know, she’s pretty fashionable herself ^_^).  Paradise Kiss is without a doubt my favorite manga series, and I would go so far as to say that it is also one of my favorite series I’ve ever read in any form of literature.


You can pick up all three volumes of Paradise Kiss on Amazon, or at a bookstore near you that sells manga!  If you decide to indulge yourself and read the series, I’d love to hear your thoughts on Yukari and the Yaza Arts kids!

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Pacific Rim Movie Review

Pacific Rim is a mecha dream come true.  In a world where the Kaiju, an alien race who emerges from the sea, attacks major cities in an attempt to take over Earth, the humans inhabiting it retaliate by building robots called Jaegers.  Jaegers are operated by two human pilots who use a technique called drifting to share their memories with one another and become compatible with the machine they’re fighting in.  Throw in a strong female character, Mako, who has spent her life resenting Kaiju and is waiting for her chance to pilot her own Jaeger, a mismatched team of quirky, yet lovable scientists (played by Charlie Day and Burn Gorman), a former Jaeger pilot who lost his brother in battle against a category 4 Kaiju named Knifehead, and Idris Elba, the Marshall who is determined to keep the Jaeger program alive even after his funding is cut.  (How could anyone not get chills when they hear Idris Elba exclaim, “Today, we are canceling the apocalypse!”)  It would also be impossible not to mention Ron Perlman’s kooky character, an outrageous and cartoonish black market dealer of Kaiju parts who wears gold metal toed shoes and dark round glasses.  While some of the characters may seem cliched, there is enough heart behind their actions to justify their motivations and transform them into memorable characters.  Pacific Rim is a film about war, but instead of people vs. people, the people have all banded together whether they’ve helped build walls, machines, or technology, in an epic robots vs. aliens battle.

Screen Shot 2013-07-14 at 1.51.06 PM

Director and co-screenwriter (with Travis Beacham), Guillermo del Toro’s love of all things Japanese really shines through in the film.  The Kaiju and the Jaegers are both enormous in size, towering over any skyscraper, and the majority of the film’s footage is devoted to their larger than life battles.  The film utilizes special effects galore to show the destruction of coastal cities in the Pacific, create unique looking sea monsters and their portal to Earth, and of course Earth’s final hope at salvation, the Jaegers.  Gipsy is the beautifully crafted analog Jaeger depicted on all of the posters.  She enters battles by being flown in by a slew of helicopters who then release her from the sky, submerging her into the Pacific Ocean with a powerful splash.  Throughout the film, she feels very humanized from the moment she smashes her first into her palm before battle until her final run in with the Kaiju.  Del Toro also included a love story that is very shoujo in nature, which allows the viewer to focus their attention on Earth’s impending doom and of course, it’s beautiful creatures.

Screen Shot 2013-07-14 at 1.51.50 PM

Especially enjoyable are the brilliant pops of color and neons used throughout the film.  It feels like a Daft Punk video, meets retro color blocked comics, with a futuristic twist. In addition to the incredible aesthetics, anyone who’s ever played Portal will also be pleased to hear GLaDOS’ soothing robotic voice inform the Marshall of the Jaeger’s statuses throughout the film.  It’s difficult to put my love of Pacific Rim into words, but I will say that it renewed my faith in movies this year.  After seeing (and strongly disliking) Man of Steel and World War Z, I feared that I was becoming too critical, but Pacific Rim proved that my nitpicking is valid and thankfully, I am not becoming a miserable pessimist.  Guillermo del Toro created an instant classic and a welcome addition to the mecha vs. monsters genre.  This film is way more than fan service.  I had watched the Pacific Rim trailer on repeat since the day it was released, so I knew I was going to enjoy the film, I just hadn’t known I would love it this much.  Immediately upon its ending I found myself ready and eager to watch it again.  If you haven’t seen Pacific Rim yet, I strongly suggest sprinting to the nearest movie theater and getting comfortable for the next couple of hours.  It is worth it to see the film on the big screen.  Do not wait until it’s on blu-ray or demand!

Screen Shot 2013-07-14 at 1.50.57 PM

And just for good measure, here’s a photo of Charlie Day next to a Kaiju’s secondary brain.

Screen Shot 2013-07-14 at 1.52.23 PM

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