ModCloth Autumn Wish List

Lately I feel like I’ve been having a fashion identity crisis (which I recently tweeted about!).  I really want to add more basic staple pieces to my wardrobe and purge my closet of everything that isn’t autumnal or timelessly fashionable.  I want to be able to go into my closet at a moments notice, grab any dress or any skirt / shirt combo and be able to have everything match without giving it a second thought.  This means I’ve been filling my fall wardrobe with more reds, blacks, whites, blues, tans and plaids.  I’ve also continued to be really attracted to any pieces with heart prints, peter pan collars, ribbon neck ties, etc.  As for accessories, I’m loving any simple jewelry made out of silver or gold with the occasional statement ring, blanket scarves, oxfords and chunky heels.  My favorite store has always been ModCloth and I’m addicted to browsing their new releases each day at noon so that’s where I’ve been indulging in my evolved fashion choices.  What Fall trends are you looking most forward to exploring?  Have you also been feeling any wardrobe burnout? (If you want to view the full set & see where you can buy any of these items, click here)

Autumn ModCloth Wish List
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Book Look OOTD: Passenger

This has been a weird week.  The week preceding the 4th of July is typically a quiet one but several of the fandoms I love turned Monday to Wednesday into stressful days! On Monday I SCRAMBLED to get tickets to the NYC premiere of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them which JK Rowling herself and Eddie Redmayne will also be attending.  That was the most stressful of my experiences this week but more on that later.  On Tuesday I sat at my computer refreshing constantly to get my hands on a Mondo Ramona Flowers figure that had been previewed at San Diego Comic Con last year and seemingly disappeared into the void until they finally announced on Monday that preorders would go live the next day.  Andrew and I both scored one of these so we have an extra if anyone didn’t get one and is in need! And then Wednesday.  Wednesday was the NYCC ticket rush.  This is the first year that I will not be attending as press (I wasn’t able to go last year because I had to attend a wedding – literally a devastating moment for me) and now I have to join in the horrific ticket queue but I’m just happy to be going!  I already have a cosplay planned and I’m super excited that NYCC is adding a BookCon section this year!  The ticket queue was my worst nightmare.  It gave no indication of where you were in line or how long it would be until you were able to buy tickets.  Luckily, I teamed up with my friend Lauren and she got in first so she scored some of the last 4 day tickets before NYCC announced that they were sold out. VICTORY. Now today I’m too mentally exhausted to do a thing- bring on my three day weekend!

Anyway, on to my outfit photos :-) I put this outfit together with Alexandra Bracken’s Passenger in mind.  I was lucky enough to read this book early and I ADORED it (review here).  The conclusion to this duology, Wayfarer is due out in January of 2017 and you can bet I placed my preorder as soon as it showed up online.  I chose to wear my Chopin music note leggings and music note necklace because the main character Etta is a very talented violinist.  I also went with some more classic pieces, like a denim jacket and oxford shoes because Passenger is all about time travel and we meet the other main character Nicholas in early American history.









Outfit Details: Jacket (Gap – Similar)  |  Shoes (Steve Madden – Similar

Necklace (Alex Woo)  |  Shirt (ModCloth – Similar)  |  Headband (Forever 21 – Similar)

Leggings (BlackMilk)  |  Ring (Kendra Scott – Similar)

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Book Look OOTD: Nantucket Red by Leila Howland

Ever since I read the Nantucket duology by Leila Howland I’ve wished that I could visit Nantucket for a summer.  While I don’t miss being in school, I do truly miss having a two plus month summer vacation each year.  Since I tend to mostly read YA novels, I feel even more envious of those with a long break just about every time I pick up a book.  Why I didn’t become an English teacher with summers off is beyond me.  Anyway, Nantucket Red is the second book in the duology and I think this series, more than any, really encompasses ~summer~  I love the main character Cricket and I would do just about anything for a third book because I often daydream about what she’s doing now.  When I saw this ModCloth dress, it immediately reminded me of something I could wear to walk the boardwalk so I paired it with my mermaid necklace, chambray headband and sunflower sandals to give it an extra bit of that summer something and make it Nantucket-worthy.  If you haven’t read any of Lelia’s lovely series, you can check out my review for the first bookNantucket Blue, and see if it’s something you’d be interested in.







Outfit Details: Dress (ModCloth)  |  Shoes (Kate Spade – Similar

Necklace (Eclectic Eccentricity)  |  Sunglasses (Ray-ban)  |  Headband (Forever 21 – Similar)

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Fashion Finds: Kate Spade Carnival Collection

I have once again fallen deeply in love with a Kate Spade collection but this one speaks to me more than any others have in the past.  It has EVERYTHING I look for in accessories and I’ve admittedly already ordered a bunch of these items because this is one of those collections that I love so much that I couldn’t possibly leave it up to chance by waiting for a sale and hoping what I wanted was still in stock.   It screams summer in a pastel dream world kind of way and I just need it in my life.  One of the things I love but haven’t been able to justify is the flavor of the month ice cream truck clutch.  That’s one I’ll hope to get on sale at some point but I can’t imagine I would wear that anywhere near enough for the full price to be worth it.  Anyway, here are my favorites / things I’ve already splurged on! You can click on the collage below for links to all of the products shown.

Kate Spade Carnival Collection



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My Current Kate Spade Wish List

When I was a little middle schooler, Kate Spade and Tiffany & Co. were my intro into the world of fashion and brands.  Since I’ve gotten older and wiser I’ve stopped caring about wearing designer clothes and having designer accessories but one thing that’s stayed consistent is my love of Kate Spade.  I lost touch with the brand for a bit in high school but it was reinvigorated with new designs during my college years and I found myself lusting after her products once again.  I love that Kate Spade often offers my favorite color (light pink) and her products are timeless and classy with a modern twist.  There is currently a whole lot of stuff from her recent collections that I would love to add to my own closet so my most recent Polyvore set is a wish list of those items.  You can view it in full on Polyvore to see the detailed product pages for each item.

Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 6.32.21 PM

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Wish List Worthy: Sailor Moon Luggage

I came across the cutest Sailor Moon luggage, carry ons and passport covers ever and I’ve been swooning over them ever since.  The accessories incorporate everything I love about fashion.  They’re pastel colored, they’re detailed with bows, and even the inside lining is covered in moonsticks.  My favorite of the sets are the bags styled after Sailor Jupiter because mint green and pastel pink are my aesthetic.  I’m really hoping I’ll be able to buy these online without spending hundreds of dollars for it on eBay! Japan always gets the best merchandise.  For even more photos you can see everything on the Sailor Moon Collectibles website.

1 1
3 4 5

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Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 6.58.06 PM

Wish List Worthy: Valentino x Spider-Man Purse + Reading Recommendation

I can honestly say that I never thought I would live in a world where I would find the Spider-Man purse of my dreams and then not be able to afford it.  Not to mention, it’s a Spider-Man purse being released by high fashion designer VALENTINO.  Ladies and gentlemen, that is not a typo.  Neiman Marcus describes this exclusive design as an abstract Spider-Man motif.  This leather purse is crafted in Italy and officially licensed by Marvel Comics.  If you happen to have an extra $4,595.00 laying around you can pre-order this beautiful accessory here (and I will be forever jealous of you).  I feel like this purse pairs perfectly with one of my favorite limited series of Spider-Man comics entitled Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane which is written by Sean McKeever and illustrated by Takeshi Miyazawa.  You may be thinking, really (since I am very vocally Team Gwen)? But this series is very Gwen Stacy heavy and the artwork is delightful so yes, it will forever be a favorite of mine!

Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane

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Wedding Stuff: The Cinderella Shoes of My Dreams

Wedding planning is well underway and I’m so happy to say that I’ve already found my dress and the dresses for my bridesmaids.  Accomplishing those major milestones has allowed me to move on to accessorizing.  My mom told me about this pair of Jimmy Choo Cinderella shoes she came across on Facebook (she’s a recent FB addict now that she has an iPad) and I have never been so blown away by a fancy pair of footwear.  Unfortunately, they retail at the outrageous price of $4,595 which is something I could never afford (and quite frankly, if I suddenly happened into $5K I wouldn’t be able to justify spending it on a single pair of shoes).  They’re covered in Swarovski crystals and they have just the right amount of show stopping sparkle.  Luckily, one of my most crafty bridesmaids Kristin is convinced that she can make something similar for a much lower price!  I was so overcome with joy when she texted me about it but I made her swear that it wouldn’t be too much work before admitting that I would love to wear something similar.

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Outfit of the Day: Bored

Who doesn’t love a good mystery?  And who’s the master of solving said mysteries?  The answer is very obviously Sherlock Holmes.  I am admittedly behind on the BBC series and I need to make it a priority to catch up as soon as possible.  Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are the perfect dynamic duo and I really enjoyed the episodes I’ve seen thus far.  That’s why I knew I had to have this beautiful Sherlock dress by Gold Bubble! I love that while it’s definitely a geeky design, it’s still something I can wear to work and my coworkers will be none the wiser.  I had a lot of fun styling this outfit and I’m so happy I got to show off my leatherbound Barnes and Noble Sherlock Holmes book in a fashion shoot instead of just on my bookshelf!  Outfit details below.

Dress: Gold Bubble | Shoes: Tieks | Headband: ModCloth (similar) | Book: Barnes & Noble
Belt: Forever 21 (N/A) | Purse: Rebecca Minkoff (similar)
Photos by Andrew Gallagher
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Outfit of the Day: On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

Mean Girls is the movie that I quote more than any other film I’ve ever seen.  It’s remained relevant after all this time and luckily my friend group is equally obsessed.  For example, Kristin and I started our other blog together and named it On Wednesday We Wear Pink as an homage to Mean Girls and to female comic book lovers since Wednesdays is new comic book day (which I would assume you already know if you’re reading my blog because how else would you have ended up here?)  Melissa and I even created the most horribly acted (seriously, we rewatched them recently and it was hilarious but also painful) Mean Girls meets Gotham videos at the very beginning of our friendship which are still floating around YouTube somewhere.  I think it’s safe to call it a classic and refer to Tina Fey as a god of comedy.  

Also a little interesting tidbit, I went to high school with Lindsay Lohan.  It was considered “uncool” to like her movies since they were mostly on the Disney channel but as someone who stayed home from school to watch The Parent Trap on repeat and eat Oreo’s with peanut butter, I was pretty excited when I found out I’d be running into her in the hall.  People were definitely mean to her but she wasn’t the nicest person either (I have several stories which I won’t share right now).  She left in the middle of the year to film Mean Girls and once she finished she never returned.  Mean Girls will always be one of my favorite movies and I admittedly still love The Parent Trap and Freaky Friday.  I wish she had done more with her career instead of letting Hollywood transform her into what she is today.  What a shame.

Anyway, I needed this shirt because PINK POKEMON.  As I’ve stated many times, the most recent game I’m addicted to is Pokemon Shuffle and this shirt has almost all of my favorites eating lunch together.  I’m also holding my beloved Jiggypuff Amiibo in some photos because he is a treasure and I’m happy to have him in my life!  Also, it’s just about the coolest thing ever that Dylan’s Candy Bar is currently selling a collection of Mean Girls candy and cookies.  I had to have the Burn Book (which I still haven’t eaten because IT’S TOO PRETTY #firstworldproblems) and some of the candy bars.  I’m still considering getting the You Go Glen Coco hot cocoa because how could I not?  Outfit details are below!













Shirt: Tee Turtle | Jeans: Siwy | Purse: Valentino Red (similar) | Shoes: Steve Madden (similar)

Jewelry: Betsey Johnson | Candy: Dylan’s Candy Bar | Amiibo: Nintendo (Target)

Photo Credit: Andrew Gallagher
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