A Court of Thorns and Roses Wrap-up Post + Giveaway

Welcome to the second and final wrap up post which is part of the A Court of Thorns and Roses and A Court of Mist and Fury re-read organized by Alexa of Alexa Loves Books, Cristina of Girl in the Pages and myself!

Alexa’s Question:  Of all seven courts, which is the one you think you would be most suited to live in?

Without a doubt, I see myself living in the Autumn Court.  Autumn is my favorite time of year and it would mean my wardrobe would consist of jeans, boots, cute sweaters, scarves and leather jackets.  All of my favorite limited edition pumpkin spice foods wouldn’t be so limited anymore.  I would spend weekends walking around and enjoying the ever present fall foliage and going apple picking!  I would bake all the fall pies and drink all the apple cider and I would enjoy sipping hot tea and pumpkin spice lattes all year round!  And this might be cheating but my second favorite court would be summer and I have a hunch that’s where Alexa would dwell, so I would definitely visit her plenty!

Kristin’s Question:  Do you have any ACOWAR theories / what are dying to see more of in the final book?

Okay so, there is one theory I heard online that is not my own but I’m REALLY hoping it’ll be the case.  Since Tamlin is a shifter and he was able to turn Andras into a wolf, shouldn’t Feyre be able to fix Cassian’s wings?  I have really high hopes for that one! I also know that Sarah J Maas has already warned us all that one of the Night Court’s inner circle won’t make it but obviously I’m praying that that’s not the case.  I just want everyone to get their happily ever after (except for Tamlin obvs).  I’m also looking forward to seeing more Lucien and hoping that he’ll be redeemed in A Court of Wings and Ruin since he was one of my favorite characters in ACOTAR.  I think the most exciting moment that I know is coming is for when Feyre and Rhysand reveal that they’re married<3

Cristina’s Question:  Which secondary character’s story in ACOTAR and/or ACOMAF are you most compelled by? Who do you think the companion series will focus on?

Lucien, Lucien, Lucien! I just want all the Lucien.  I want his backstory, I want all the time in the Autumn Court, I want him to realize that Tamlin is terrible (hopefully that’s coming in ACOWAR) and I want his happily ever after with Feyre’s sister! I would also be interested in seeing more of the inner circle.  Each character in the Night Court is fascinating and I’m sure I would love anything that Sarah decides to write about them<3.


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Super Space Chick’s Weekly Round Up (#3)

Super Space Chick’s weekly round up is a blog series in which I’ll be chatting to you about what’s going on in my life, what I’ve been posting on YouTube and my blog, some favorite instagram photos of the week, and such.  So basically just general life happenings and feelings!  I looooooove writing book reviews but I also love reading more personal blog posts so I want to make an effort to share more of my full life here and not just my reading life.

We had a really quiet week and it was glorious! On Tuesday I got copies of the Sailor Moon R movie and the second season of Snow White with the Red Hair.  And I did some shopping (at Her Universe, Hot Topic & Loungefly) so I’m eagerly anticipating those packages which should be arriving soon! I also received The Melting Library’s Villains sampler for April and I love it so much more than I was expecting to (mainly because I’ve just been dying for the fictional confections sampler so I haven’t even thought about anything else).  My favorite candle in it is Amarantha who is one of the villains I love most.  Photos to come!  This week, my bosses also got me the most beautiful flowers and brought in Doughnut Plant which was a lovely surprise.  Other than that, I read some great books, watched A LOT of Sailor Moon R and OH YEAH WE GOT NYCC TICKETS NBD.  And I cut off more than half my hair.  Actually, storytime below!

On Thursday morning, I got a really exciting email re: NYCC.  It’s not a confirmed thing that I can share yet, but it will basically be a dream come true if it happens.  We had been hemming and hawing over whether to attend NYCC this year because of how overcrowded its gotten but after this email we had to buy at least one set of passes and once I fell into that waiting queue, the adrenaline was pumping and it felt like the race was on.  I was driving myself crazy reading the tweets of those who bought tickets within, 5, 10 and 15 minutes while I slowly watched the minutes tick by and the passes start popping up on eBay.  Some people were saying that Saturday tickets were already sold out so my stress level just amped up even further but an hour later when our time finally came, all four days had tickets available and we got them with no issue.  Speaking of stressful things we do for fandoms, I spent Friday going to not one, not two but THREE Target’s looking for an early copy of A Court of Wings and Ruin since everyone in the world seems to have already received theirs while I’m just waiting over and here and slowly dying.  At the third and final Target, I HAD A COPY OF A COURT OF WINGS AND RUIN IN MY HANDS… and then it was taken away because they’re not allowed to sell it until May 2nd… even though they clearly are because I’ve seen so many other people with them (including my bff Cassie!).  So after that horrible, horrible night, I went home and drowned my sorrows in Ben & Jerry’s PB & Cookies non-dairy ice cream and more Sailor Moon.  I know it’s silly since at this point, I will have the book in two days but I just want it now, ya know?

Reading: I finished reading The Upside of Unrequited by Becky Albertalli which is just as amazing as her first book.  Cassie and I are getting ready to host our book club in about an hour for the book and I can’t wait to talk about it in depth with her!  I also finished reading I Believe in a Thing Called Love by Maurene Goo which is outlandish and adorable and the 8th volume of Yamada-Kun and the Seven Witches which is a manga series I’ve really come to love. And lastly, I started my A Court of Mist and Fury re-read in anticipation of ACOWAR!

Watching: Pretty Little Liars– the second episode was HELLA problematic.  I did not appreciate the writers including a storyline where a girl falsely accuses someone of sexual harassment.  It was just done in such poor taste, especially with how uncomfortable victims already feel about reporting their cases.  Famous in Love continues to be adorable and I still think Nina is by far the worst and most manipulative character on the show and I’ve just loved every single minute of Sailor Moon R <3 <3 <3

I am back on schedule this week with three videos posted!!! WOOO!

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Tea & Book Chat: Geekerella by Ashley Poston

Personal Thoughts:  I’m going to be totally honest here- I was very skeptical of Geekerella before I started reading it.  In theory, I love the idea of books about fandom but they can be SO hit or miss for me.  And *usually* they’re misses.  Plus, it has the word geek in the title so that was also going against it. But after seeing a couple of friends read and enjoy the story, I decided to give it a shot.  Actually, the main point that sold me is that the main character, Elle, works at a vegan food truck called the Magic Pumpkin.  I’m so happy that I didn’t allow my initial hesitation to keep me from reading this book because I ended up giving it 5 stars!

Plot Summary:  Geekerella is a modern day Cinderella retelling following a girl named Elle who finds out that Starfield (aka her lifeblood) is being rebooted as a film franchise.  But they’ve cast a good looking actor known for his work in a soap opera and his constant presence in the tabloids as Carmindor, the lead role.  When he misses a simple Starfield trivia question on a morning show, Starfield fan everywhere are outraged and questioning whether Darien is a real fan fit for his role.  Everything culminates in a cosplay competition at ExcelsiCon where the winner gets a meet and greet at a masquerade ball with Darien himself.

Critique:  This tale is just as charming as the plot summary sounds.  Danielle, or Elle, has been living with her stepmonster and evil stepsisters since her father passed away.  All she has left of him are memories which are strongly tied to her love of Starfield so she has really high hopes that come crashing down when she finds out that Darien is cast as her beloved Carmindor.  All plot points aside, my love of Geekerella comes from the fact that Ashley Poston is able to perfectly capture the feelings of how much a fandom can mean to one person.  Elle’s love of Starfield = my love of Star Wars.  Despite Starfield being more closely akin to Star Trek, I felt completely connected to this fictional fandom.  From the believable catchphrases that fans quote from the series, the personal investment in the characters, the way Starfield fans pour over the old episodes and speculate hopefully about the prospect of something new and exciting, and most importantly, the amount of heart the characters display for their fandom, I felt like I was reading about my life with Star Wars.  I also love the portrayal of the different types of fans that you’ll meet at conventions.  From the accusatory “you’re not a real fan” fan to the welcoming “let me help you with your last minute cosplay” fans, Poston nailed it.  And the fact that Elle runs a Starfield blog that gains popularity as the movie gets cast is so relatable for those of us who’ve loved and blogged about geeky things before they were in the mainstream.  The one thing I wasn’t completely sold on was the romance, but I was completely here for all of the characters separately (Elle, Darien, Sage, etc) and for the fandom feels.

Do I Recommend?:  If you’ve ever been a diehard fan of anything, I think you’ll be able to relate to Geekerella.  I love this book so much more than I had anticipated and I’m pretty sure that if you’re reading my blog, you’re also the target audience!

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#ReadADessen: Dreamland Book Look + Giveaway

Note: I was provided a copy of  Dr. First, Dr. Fourth, Dr. Eleventh and Dr. Twelfth by Penguin Teen as a #PRHPartner to read and spotlight these books.

The countdown is upon us for Sarah Dessen’s thirteenth novel, Once and For All, which is being released on June 6th.  I’m so excited for her newest book because wedding planning(!) but in the meantime, Penguin Teen put together a special blog tour, highlighting Sarah’s backlist books and encouraging readers to read or re-read everything during the countdown to Once and For All.  Today I’m posting a Book Look for Dreamland.  Dreamland is one of Sarah’s more serious books and the story is much darker than your typical summer contemporary.  It follows a girl named Caitlin who’s sister ran away and she’s dealing with the feelings of missing her sister and a mother who’s withdrawn when she meets Rogerson Biscoe.  From then on, it feels like Caitlin has entered a dreamland where nothing is quite real.  Rogerson is compelling and magnetic, but his darker and more dangerous side starts coming out and suddenly, being with Rogerson becomes a larger problem than being without him.



Dreamland by superspacechick


Enter for a chance to win one (1) set of Sarah Dessen’s books in paperback (ARV: $132.00).

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Enter between 12:00 AM Eastern Time on April 17, 2017 and 12:00 AM on May 29, 2017.  Open to residents of the fifty United States and the District of Columbia who are 13 and older. Winners will be selected at random on or about June 1, 2017. Odds of winning depend on number of eligible entries received. Void where prohibited or restricted by law.

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Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Mr. Men Books

Note: I was provided a copy of  Dr. First, Dr. Fourth, Dr. Eleventh and Dr. Twelfth by Penguin Teen as a #PRHPartner to read and spotlight these books.

Penguin was kind enough to send me the first four books in the Doctor Who + Mr. Men mash up books and after flipping through and reading them, I knew I *had* to share them here.  The series is written and illustrated by Roger Hargreaves’ son Adam and they’re retailing for only $6.  These beautifully illustrated books are the perfect opportunity to convert any child in your life into the Whovian you know is laying dormant inside them, just waiting to be awoken (and they’re also a pretty adorable treat for adults, chock full of easter eggs from the television series).  The first releases follow the First, Fourth, Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors (Eleven being my favorite of course!).

There are a ton of familiar faces as you read through each Doctor’s story.  I was most excited to see River Song but you’ll also see familiar baddies such as the Cybermen, Daleks, Silurians and Weeping Angels.  And each Doctor is illustrated with their signature accessories (and they totally nailed Twelve’s angry eyebrows).

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Tea & Book Chat: The Long Game by Jennifer Lynn Barnes (The Fixer #2)

Personal Thoughts:  OH MY GOD I LOVED THIS BOOK.  After adjusting to teenagers being privy to the happenings of the US Government, I ended up enjoying The Fixer which is book one in the series.  I thought I would have similar feelings toward The Long Game but boy oh boy did the feelings this book inspired come out of nowhere!  The Long Game is exponentially better than The Fixer.  My only issue now is that the sales aren’t high enough and Disney hasn’t contracted Jennifer Lynn Barnes to write a third book (AND THERE NEEDS TO BE A THIRD BOOK, TRUST ME OKAY?!).

Plot Summary:  In this follow up to The Fixer, Tess Kendrick embraces her role as Hardwicke’s resident fixer.  Someone cashes in a favor and she ends up leading their campaign to become president of student council.  Meanwhile, her guardian, Ivy, is working on cracking a terrorism case unfolding in the United States and chaos ensues when both issues intertwine.

Critique:  The Long Game had much higher stakes than The Fixer which you might find hard to believe if you’ve already read book one.  I came to appreciate Asher even more in this installment because his comic relief was a necessary addition to the otherwise intense situations.  The Long Game is full of action in the best way possible.  The story pulls you in and there’s such a sense of urgency for every issue that it’ll get your heart rate pumping.  I also loved the parallels to the game of Chess which were prevalent in the story.  But best of all are the characters who shine even more than they did in book one.  The Long Game is overflowing with awesome female characters from Tess and Ivy, to Vivie, Emilia and Georgia, and as I mentioned above, the only disappointment is not knowing how their story will continue.  The series was sold as a dulogy, but there is a CLEAR cliffhanger at the end of book two.  It’s rather frustrating but I am still grateful that I was able to spend any time with these characters and I will forever hold out hope that a second duology or even just a final installment with some more closure will be on the horizon.  Also, if you’re looking for romance, this series is almost completely devoid.  It focuses much more on the politics and social issues.


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Super Space Chick’s Weekly Round Up (#2)

Super Space Chick’s weekly round up is a blog series in which I’ll be chatting to you about what’s going on in my life, what I’ve been posting on YouTube and my blog, some favorite instagram photos of the week, and such.  So basically just general life happenings and feelings!  I looooooove writing book reviews but I also love reading more personal blog posts so I want to make an effort to share more of my full life here and not just my reading life.

Last week was pretty awesome.  My mom came home from the hospital on Tuesday (*insert party horn emojis here*) so we’ve all been getting back to a more normal schedule.  I’m so happy to have her home and she’s been able to get better quality rest in her own bed.  Andrew and I spent Easter with her, my dad, my brother and his girlfriend at the hospital and then the beginning of the week was dedicated to getting done all of the boring adult chores we’d been neglecting for the past couple of weeks.  On Thursday night I met up with Alexa at Books of Wonder- I wasn’t planning on buying anything but ended up walking out with two signed hardcovers of The Sun is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon and Royce Rolls by Margaret Stohl.  Alex also was so kind to lend me her ARC copy of I Believe in a Thing Called Love by Maurene Goo which is a YA novel about a girl who decides to implement all of the dating advice she’s seen on K-dramas.  I’ve been highly anticipating that one and it’s going to be my next read! While everyone was obsessed with Starbucks’s Unicorn frappacinos, Alexa and I opted to go to Union Fare for unicorn croissants which were delicious.  The weather is also getting warm enough that Union Square park has a bunch of neon green tables set up and we were able to spend the remainder of our night there, chatting about books and anime as per usual.

Then Thursday night, my cousin Rachel came into town because she was able to score Hamilton tickets last year and the date of her showing is finally upon her!  She got to my apartment later than I normally go to sleep (#old) and we ended up staying up late catching up on general life happenings, our love of Marvel movies, and everything coming to Disney and Universal in the future.  The next morning we went to a quick brunch with my mom, grandparents and aunt and then sent Rachel off into the city.  I spent the rest of my day filming BookTube videos (I was SO behind) and then headed over to my parents to make them some dinner.

The next morning, Cassie and I planned a huge nostalgia brunch with some of our best friends that we don’t get to see as often as we’d like to.  I was really expecting some people to cancel but all 10 of the invitees made it! We went to La Flaca on the Lower East Side where I drank red sangria, ate huevos rancheros (my favorite!) and we accidentally got sucked into some very entertaining show called One Miracle Morning where a guy on a motorcycle was racing a goose.  After brunch, we headed to a bar called The Library where we met up with my brother.  I had a couple of root beer floats (stoli vanilla + rootbeer + a cherry) which were surprisingly delicious, and then we headed out to a place that I’ve ALWAYS wanted to try, Taiyaki NYC.  I love taiyaki but I haven’t ever been to the ice cream / pastry hybrid shop before.  While we were waiting for our ice cream, we met a couple of guys with lightsabers, so naturally, we asked if we could play with them.  Then this morning, Andrew and I somehow found the motivation to go for a run (how cool is the photo with my shadow in it?!) and then I made breakfast with what I can only describe as winning the avocado lottery.

Reading: I finished reading: Wintersong by S. Jae-Jones which I enjoyed because I just kept picturing David Bowie every time the Goblin King was described, Famous in Love by Rebecca Serle because I wanted to read it before I started watching the television show, and The Princess Diarist by Carrie Fisher because Star Wars! I also started Geekerella which I’m completely in love with!

Watching: Pretty Little Liars came back this week so I was eagerly anticipating that! One more season and then I’ll be free.  Cassie and I are basically hate watching it together at this point and I’m mostly only still in it for our snarky texts.  I also started watching Famous in Love which is completely different from the book and we watched the only two available episodes of The Ancient Magus Bride anime which is wholly enchanting.

I posted less this week than normal because I ran out of prefilmed videos.  Although, I did get to post my Guide to Manga Genres video which I filmed so long ago that it has my old bookshelf set up!

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Tea & Book Chat: Fireworks by Katie Cotugno

Personal Thoughts:  As I may have (definitely) mentioned, Katie Cotugno is one of my favorite contemporary YA authors.  In fact, she’s definitely in the top three.  I love her words to pieces so when I heard that her newest novel would be set in Orlando in the 1990’s during the boy band craze, I couldn’t possibly be more on board.  And the cover! And the endpapers! While Fireworks didn’t end up being my new favorite of her’s (the number one spot still belongs to How to Love), I did thoroughly enjoy it, especially for the setting. And possibly the most exciting part (for me) is that a character in the girl band is named Kristin! Spelled the same way as me! I didn’t even care that she’s kind of a bitch because I’ve never read a book with a character that has my name and for it to have been in a Katie Cotugno book just amplifies my excitement.

Plot Summary:  Best friends Dana and Olivia leave their small Georgia town and head to Orlando where Olivia is going to be auditioning to become a pop star in a new all girl band being formed and Dana is there as her moral support.  During the audition, Dana gets picked out of the crowd to show off her skills and both girls end up being chosen to move to Orlando to start rehearsing.  But things get complicated when Dana’s lack of formal training start inhibiting what has always been Olivia’s dream and the girls start to become each other’s competition.

Critique:  Fireworks is yet again, another messy and complicated story from the brain of Katie Cotugno.  I love the way she tackled the evolution of Dana and Olivia’s friendship as the girls begin to grow up and their circumstances change.  It’s so easy to fall into a routine and to believe that one person is your be all and end all when you haven’t experienced anything else and Orlando really opens up both of their eyes about what else is out there in the world.  There’s also an adorable love interest named Alex who’s a member of Hurricane State, a boy band similar to N’SYNC who’s just starting to make waves in the industry.  Alex is honest and supportive and quite honestly, he put up with a lot for someone just starting a relationship.  The best part of the novel is hands down the setting.  I love the little nods to the 90’s and just Orlando in general.  I felt like I was reliving my own early childhood while reading and I could perfectly picture myself running around in jean shorts and eating ice cream cones on hot summer nights.

Do I Recommend?:  Yes! Especially if you are a fellow fan of the Britney Spears / Christina Aguilera and Backstreet Boys / N’SYNC era.

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Tea & Book Chat: Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher

Personal Thoughts:  To be completely honest, I had no intention of reading Thirteen Reasons Why.  I had the book on my Amazon wish list for years without ever purchasing it and I just felt like I got to the point where I lost interest and wouldn’t ever get to it.  Then Penguin Teen was kind enough to mail me the cutest promotional package in celebration of the Netflix adaptation of Thirteen Reasons Why (which actually airs today March 31st!).  It came with a plastic popcorn container (I’ve always wanted one of these for some irrational reason), a box of Mike & Ike’s (my deceased uncle’s favorite candy), a pack of tissues (because have you read the premise?!) and a copy of the TV-tie in edition of the book.  After one of those brief crises where I’m incapable of choosing what to read next, I remembered that the show would be releasing in just four days and so the book called to me.

Plot Summary:  Thirteen Reasons Why follows Clay Jensen, an average teenage boy who returns home from school one day to find a mysterious unmarked package waiting for him.  The package is full of seven cassette tapes and when he begins playing the first one he instantly recognizes the voice as that of Hannah Baker, a classmate of his who committed suicide two weeks earlier.  Hannah explains that there are thirteen reasons that contributed to why she made her decision and whoever receives the tapes is one of the reasons.  Clay spends the entire night following a map that Hannah left and listening to each tape, anxious to discover how he was a contributor to such a tragic end for a girl he really liked.

Critique:  It’s hard to say that I enjoyed Thirteen Reasons Why because of the sensitive subject matter, but I can say that I am very happy I chose to read it.  It was heartbreaking to hear Hannah’s narrative explaining the reasons that snowballed into her reaching her eventual end.  I liked that Clay’s internal commentary is given to us in real time instead of having to wait for pauses to understand what he’s thinking or how his viewpoint differed from Hannah’s.  It really makes the reader think about such seemingly little moments in our own lives and how they can affect others in ways that we would never foresee ourselves.  There were definite wrongs committed by the people Hannah places blame upon and I like to imagine that many of them would’ve acted differently had they known what would happen, (even though it’s doubtful because so many of these high school boys she interacted with are garbage humans).  The book talks about very important issues like rape culture, underage drinking and of course, suicide (including signs and prevention tactics).  There are so many pivotal moments in Hannah’s narrative that could’ve changed and prolonged her life if only anyone had been persistent about offering help.  I’m so curious to see how faithful the adaption is, even though it’s going to be difficult to relive Hannah’s story two times in one week.

Do I Recommend?:  I do.  Thirteen Reasons Why covers incredibly important subject matter and I think all teenagers should be required to read this as part of their school curriculum.  If it could impact even half of the kids in a way that makes them more sensitive to their peers, I would argue that it’s worth it. I’ve since finished watching the Netflix adaptation and I actually think I liked it better than the book.  The changes they made worked really well to modernize the story and I appreciated that we’re given insight into the other characters that have effected Hannah.

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Super Space Chick’s Weekly Round Up (#1)

Super Space Chick’s weekly round up is a new blog series in which I’ll be chatting to you about what’s going on in my life, what I’ve been posting on YouTube and my blog, some favorite instagram photos of the week, and such.  So basically just general life happenings and feelings!  I looooooove writing book reviews but I also love reading more personal blog posts so I want to make an effort to share more of my full life here and not just my reading life.

For my first weekly recap, I’m actually going to be recapping the past two weeks.  I had every intention of starting this blog series last weekend but things have been crazy around here and I just didn’t have the time.  Right after I had the idea, I was so excited to begin writing and then my mom ended up in the hospital again so naturally, that took priority.  Even today as I’m writing this on Easter Sunday, Andrew and I are about to start getting ready to take a train into NYC and head over to Sloan Kettering to see my mom.  But do to some pre-planned events, I do have other things to share as well.  Last weekend, my sisters and I planned the most fun weekend ever!  My sister-in-law Kristin (yup! same first and last name, spelled the same way!) and I drove into Brooklyn to meet up with Brittany and Molly at their Williamsburg apartment.  We briefly stopped at Barcade where Andrew and his brothers Joe (Kristin’s husband) and Greg were hanging out as part of the weekend Andrew and Joe planned for Greg’s bachelor party (Molly had extra game tokens to give them).  Then we continued on our way to Smorgasburg which I’ve always wanted to go to!  We got giant mozzarella sticks from Big Mozz, way too many french fries with garlic lemon aoili sauce from Home Frite, and churro ice cream sandwiches with sea salted caramel ice cream.  Which is WAY too much food for any one person but so worth it.  I really want to plan a trip back to try more!

Then we went to a cute little dive bar on Bedford Avenue where you get a free personal pizza which each drink you order.  We also saw a really cute pig in a sweater named Franklin at the local hardware store before heading home to meet up with our future sister in law Moira.  I also saw She’s the Man starring Amanda Bynes and Channing Tatum for the first time ever and I could not stop laughing.  I’m so sad that I missed out on this wonderful movie during my younger years but I’m so happy it’s in my life now.  And I love that it’s based on Shakespeare!  The next day we all had brunch together and Brittany shared her White Girl Rose with us which was delicious.  And we played some Cards Against Humanity with all 6 of the siblings I’ve gained in marrying Andrew before driving back home.  There’s so many of us so it’s always a blast when we all get together!

Then we spent our next couple of nights at the hospital with my parents and my brother (side note, my brother got to interview Axel Alonso of Marvel, how cool is that?!)  But later in the week, Andrew and I already had tickets to Broadway shows on both Thursday AND Friday.  We went to the W Hotel in Times Square for some pre-show drinks (I had rose with bubbles and Andrew had Dark and Stormy’s).  I love it there.  It’s such a fun atmosphere- there are lots of neon lights and the table set up makes you feel a bit like your in a spaceship.  Actually, the ladies room even had a giant poster slide show of Star Wars images which I was not at all expecting.  We saw Waitress starring Sara Bareilles (she’s playing the starring role of Jenna for 10 weeks only!) and we really loved it.  I got a mini key lime pie and they actually infuse the scent of pies into the theater before the show and during the intermission.  We had previously seen half of Waitress when Jesse Mueller was in it because we made the mistake of eating at a sketchy Asian restaurant beforehand and we both needed to leave at intermission.  This time around we got to see the full thing and I thought Sara was amazing! My favorite characters are Dawn and Ogie though.  They’re basically the cutest couple ever.

Then on Friday night we saw Bandstand with Kelly and Gil!  Unfortunately, my mom was in her fifth surgery of the week and before the show was starting, I still hadn’t heard an update from my dad or brother.  I think that combined with the false report of an active shooter near Penn Station and being seated in the middle of the row, feeling like I couldn’t get out without disrupting anyone if my dad was going to call triggered a major anxiety attack.  I didn’t get to enjoy the show as much as everyone else because I was mostly trying to calm myself down and tell myself that everything would be okay.  Even after hearing that everything went well from my dad, I still was having trouble calming myself down.  I did really love the music in the show and I was able to pay attention enough to understand the story but I do wish I could’ve gotten more lost in it.  The play was really sad and the music was all 40’s style, taking place right after World War II ended.  It’s a very accurate portrayal of what soldiers experience once they get home (it’s actually the only Broadway play approved by “Got Your 6 which highlights projects that depict veterans both accurately and responsibly.”- a piece of trivia Kelly told us after the show).  Once the play ended and we left the theater, I felt almost instantly better and calmer.  Then on Saturday morning, Andrew and I went to the local high school and jogged around the track.  When I told my dad he was like wait YOU were running though?  I’ve always hated running so this is a pretty big deal.  It ended up being really good for me and despite being completely sore in every place you can imagine today, it also feels really good.  When we got home, I made pizza with a cauliflower crust for the first time and I’m definitely adding it into our weekly dinner rotation.  Anyway, these will be much shorter in the future but I wanted to highlight the good things in the past couple of weeks because it’s been EXHAUSTING.  We’ve been getting home from the hospital between 11-12AM each night and then we get up between 5-6AM for work so it’s been a lot.

Reading: I finished reading: The Titan’s Curse (Percy Jackson #3) by Rick Riordan which I enjoyed much more than the first two books, The Long Game (The Fixer #2) by Jennifer Lynn Barnes and I’m DYING for a third book so everyone please buy the first two so she can write and publish a third, Fireworks by Katie Cotugno which takes place in Orlando in the 90’s during the boyband craze and once again Katie wrote an incredibly messy and addicting story, and Princess Jellyfish volume 3 which went in a different direction than I was expecting but I’m still enjoying this series very much!

Watching: We finished watching: 13 Reasons Why which is such an important story and will hopefully help teens realize how much our actions can affect other people, Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid which I really hope gets a second season because this anime has a very special place in my heart and we continued watching iZombie season 2 which seems to keep getting better, and our usual shows: New Girl, Fresh Off the Boat and we started Powerless which is pretty funny!

I posted a bit less over the past two weeks.  I did happen to bulk film a bunch of videos right before my mom went into the hospital so I was able to post regularly for the first week but last week when the exhaustion kicked in, I only managed to get one video up.  But I should be back to normal shortly!

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