BookTube: Spines With Wines: The Love that Split the World by Emily Henry

For our February book club, Cassie, Melissa and I chose to read The Love that Split the World by which is ta debut genre-bending novel by Emily Henry.  This month’s episode is slightly belated due to how busy I’ve been recently.  You may notice my fancy new background which hasn’t been organized just yet but I’m working on it!  This was a really fun book to review, especially since we all generally like the book but we each gave it a different star rating.  Let me know what you thought of The Love that Split the World if you read it and you can also find all of the links to Cassie and Melissa’s social media and blogs in the YouTube description bar!

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  1. […] There were only two complaints I had about this book but neither of them at all hindered my glowing opinion of the story.  The Love That Split the World is beautifully written, well thought out, accomplishes everything it sets out to do and then some, follows a diverse character, and portrays a realistic array of relationships that will have you emotionally invested in every character.  With all of that being said, the one relationship that it took me a little while to buy was the one between Natalie and her love interest Beau.  Their attraction was a bit insta-lovey for my liking and even after I accepted it, I still felt like Natalie was too good for Beau and that I must be missing something.  My second complaint is a spoiler so instead of writing it here, I’ll leave you with a link to the Spines With Wines Book Club discussion. […]

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