BookTube Rant: The Winner’s Trilogy Cover Change

This is the first rant video I’ve ever been inspired to film or post because I have very strong feelings about the cover change situation regarding The Winner’s trilogy.  There is only one book left in the series which is scheduled for release in a few short months from now and the publisher decided to change the gorgeous cover that was previously released to a new one that looks more like a Throne of Glass ripoff.  I am le sad.

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7 Responses to “BookTube Rant: The Winner’s Trilogy Cover Change”

  1. Cassie says:

    Guess I’ll be waiting to buy the UK trilogy box set.
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  2. Sara Strauss says:

    Soooooo sad!! Why would they change it now??? They should’ve made these covers for the paperbacks!
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  3. Alexa S. says:

    It makes me so, so sad that they changed the covers for this series – and on the very last book too! I understand that it’s a decision the publisher doesn’t make lightly, and that the author has no control over it. But it still breaks my heart that it even happened for these! I really love the original covers (and I’m totally procuring the UK version so mine match) :D

  4. I’m so saddened by this news. I loved the original covers, and on top of not having the complete set, I’m assuming, because of this change, it also feels like such a dumb news.

    Why not just save these for the paperback? The new covers aren’t bad, but they’re kind of generic. And I’ll say — the covers were part of the reason I picked up Winner’s Curse in the first place!

    • Kristin says:

      Me too! I love the covers so much! It makes a lot more sense to release the paperbacks with the new covers even though they’re nowhere near as appealing. I honestly might not have picked up the series if these were the original covers because they look too much like Throne of Glass.

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