5 Fandom Friday: Authors I Would Love To Invite To My Thanksgiving Feast

My how I’ve grown to love Fridays!  First things first: For the past few weeks Megan and I have been working hard to figure out a better system for linking all the 5 Fandom Friday bloggers in one place.  At first I was adding links as they were sent to me but it ended up… READ MORE »

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The Great Book Giveaway With Neil Gaiman & Lemony Snicket

Yesterday morning Andrew and I braved the below freezing cold weather and headed to Washington Square Park before work because we found out that one of our favorite authors would be there handing out free books.  The author in question is Neil Gaiman (*heart pounds* *arm flails* *Sailor Moon heart eyes*).  On top of Neil… READ MORE »

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Bryant Park Holiday Shops

Last weekend, Andrew and I headed over to Bryant Park for our first of many trips to see the Holiday Shops.  Each year, Bryant Parks sets up a number of pop-up type boutiques in the area surrounding the ice skating rink.  All the shops are full of great ideas for holiday gifts and there are… READ MORE »

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2015 Divination Planner

I’ve always been a pen and paper kind of gal when it comes to planners.  Anytime I tell someone that I’ve been spending the past few weeks carrying around a 2014 and 2015 planner I’m met with tons of responses about Google calendars.  I get it.  I know they’re much easier to tote around since… READ MORE »

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5 Fandom Friday: Smart Phone Apps I Cannot Live Without

This week’s 5 Fandom Friday topic is near and dear to my heart because if there’s one device that monopolizes the majority of my time, it would be my trusty iPhone 5c.  We’re inseparable. The apps I chose are the ones where I spend the majority of my time and that I feel I absolutely could not survive… READ MORE »

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End of Season Pumpkin Spice Product Reviews

My pumpkin spice addiction was in full force this season and as a result I ended up sampling some really tasty treats as well as some that were kind of meh.  I decided to round them up in one giant end of season review instead of harassing the non-pumpkin lover by posting one review per… READ MORE »

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The New York Festival of Light

Last weekend in DUMBO (Brooklyn), the first New York Festival of Light was held.  The event was only supposed to last three days, but I heard that on Saturday night, they were forced to close at 6pm, just one hour after they opened, because there were far too many people.  Luckily, Andrew and I went… READ MORE »

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Doctor Who Premiere Party & Planning Recap

It’s not every day that the Doctor regenerates so when the 8th season of Doctor Who premiered on BBC, I knew I had to go all out.  I am a diehard fan of the Eleventh Doctor (other Kristin prefers Ten), so I was having an especially difficult time coping with the change.  I thought it… READ MORE »

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5 Fandom Friday: Comfort Foods That Always Make Me Feel Better

This week’s 5 Fandom Friday topic is “Comfort Foods that Always Make Me Feel Better.”  In a surprise to no one, my list includes some of my favorite desserts- cupcakes and ice cream, and my two biggest comfort meal foods- pizza and bagels (but, very importantly, only from New York).  If this were a favorite… READ MORE »

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In Which, NYC Loses Another Bookstore

Last week, Posman Books announced that their location in Grand Central station would be closing.  Grand Central refused to renew their lease which is up in December because they’re claiming the space is needed for construction and “improved pedestrian circulation.”  To which, I completely agree with Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York‘s rage.  Jeremiah brings up the valid… READ MORE »

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